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The SaaS world is starting to realize something we’ve known for a long time now… RevOps? Ya, it rocks. But how did it become so popular over the past few years? 

Some would argue it’s because executive teams are seeing the value in aligning processes across your operations. And while that’s true, we’d also argue it’s because we’ve had some pretty badass leaders paving the way to articulate the value this role brings to the table.

In this post we’re taking a moment to give recognition where it’s due and highlight 10 Ops leaders you should connect with.

Top 10 Ops Influencers You Should be Following

James McArthur is a master at integrating and optimizing business systems to boost operational efficiency. With a strategic approach and a keen eye for detail, James helps companies streamline processes and enhance performance. Focusing  on aligning systems to improve data flow and ensure compliance, he’s a crucial resource for Ops leaders looking to increase efficiency and navigate regulatory challenges with ease.

James provides Ops pros a variety of insight each week, discussing topics like:

  • Systems integration
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Customer-first strategies

Want more James content? We don’t blame you. We’re keeping it going below: 



Keith Jones a wizard when it comes to optimizing sales operations and customer service processes. He shares practical, actionable tips that help businesses streamline their operations and boost efficiency. Keith has a knack for breaking down complex workflows and pinpointing areas for improvement. His approach often includes automating repetitive tasks, cutting down waste with lean methods, and ensuring smooth transitions during big changes. Keith’s insights are a goldmine if you’re looking to up your game and operate more effectively.

Follow Keith if you’re interested in learning more about: 

  • Process automation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Change management

Want to get more Keith Jones content? He’s been featured in a variety of podcasts and publications including:



Frank Devine stands out in the RevOps arena for his exceptional strategic thinking and thought leadership. He’s known for breaking down complex concepts in strategic planning and revenue operations, making them accessible and actionable. Frank’s expertise lies in identifying industry trends early and crafting innovative strategies that drive growth. His insights will help you navigate the intricacies of RevOps with confidence, blending long-term vision with practical implementation. 

Frank is best known for sharing his insights on topics like:

  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue optimization
  • Leadership development

Want to get more Frank Devine content? Check him out on the RevAmp podcast, where he shares Top Tips for Building Revenue Operations in Hyper-Growth

Chris Fezza focuses on practical leadership strategies and successful RevOps initiatives, guiding you on how to steer your team toward success. Chris is all about data-driven decision-making and aligning your team’s goals with the company’s objectives. He shares actionable advice on fostering collaboration, boosting team performance, and improving operational efficiency. With Chris’s insights, you’ll be equipped to build a cohesive, high-performing team that can handle the ins and outs of revenue operations with confidence.

Follow Chris if you’re interested in discussing topics like:

  • Team leadership
  • RevOps strategies
  • Performance metrics

When he isn’t sharing insights on his LinkedIn, you can catch Chris on podcasts and webinars such as:



Jacki Leahy is the epitome of efficiency. She shares practical tips and techniques for maximizing productivity and ensuring smooth operations across teams, making her a must-follow for anyone looking to enhance their workflows. Jacki’s advice helps you cut through the clutter and focus on what really matters. She covers everything from identifying workflow bottlenecks to implementing smart solutions that keep your team running smoothly. If you’re looking to boost your operational efficiency, Jacki’s insights are exactly what you need.

Follow Jacki if you’re interested in topics like:

  • Productivity hacks
  • Workflow optimization
  • Team collaboration

If you can’t get enough of Jacki’s LinkedIn, you’re in luck. Because she’s pretty active, all over the place! Check out some of her previous features in a variety of publications, podcasts and webinars:




Steven Newman is known for his growth-focused mindset. He shares strategies for scaling businesses and achieving sustainable revenue growth, offering a clear roadmap for companies looking to expand and thrive. Steven’s insights cover everything from market expansion to innovative revenue strategies, helping Ops pros unlock their organization’s full potential. If you’re aiming to boost your revenue and scale effectively, Steven’s expertise offers the guidance you need to reach your goals.

Follow Steven if you’re interested in discussing topics like:

  • Business scaling
  • Revenue growth strategies
  • Market expansion

Snag some more of Steven’s content here: 



Henry Mizel brings a unique blend of RevOps and sales expertise. He provides insights on aligning sales strategies with RevOps to drive better results, making his content particularly valuable for those in dual roles. Henry excels at bridging the gap between sales and operations, ensuring both departments work in harmony to achieve common goals. His advice covers everything from integrating RevOps practices into the sales process to enhancing performance through data-driven strategies. If you’re balancing RevOps and sales responsibilities, Henry’s insights are a game-changer.

Henry provides Ops pros a variety of insight, discussing topics like:

  • Sales alignment
  • RevOps integration
  • Performance improvement

Get more content from Henry in the following  podcasts and webinar episodes below: 



Andy Mowat focuses on the art of building and leading world-class RevOps teams. His advice helps organizations structure and develop high-performing teams that drive significant improvements in their operations. Andy shares practical strategies for recruiting top talent, fostering a positive team culture, and implementing effective leadership practices. His insights are invaluable for creating cohesive and efficient teams capable of navigating complex RevOps challenges. Following Andy will equip you with the knowledge to elevate your team’s performance and drive operational excellence.

Follow Andy if you’re interested in discussing topics like:

  • Team building
  • Leadership strategies
  • Operational excellence

Scope out Henry’s featured content with these webinar and podcast series: 

Jen Igartua has a ton of experience in crafting solutions for large enterprises. She shares strategies for tackling complex operational challenges and driving success in big companies, making her insights particularly valuable for those in large organizations. Jen excels at developing customized RevOps strategies that meet the unique needs of large-scale operations. Her advice covers managing extensive projects, optimizing workflows, and implementing scalable solutions. Follow Jen to get practical tips and expert guidance on mastering the complexities of running a big organization with top-notch efficiency.

Jen provides Ops pros a variety of insight, discussing topics like:

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Operational challenges
  • Strategic innovation

Give her a listen on a variety of podcasts including: 

Stacie Sussman is an expert at helping businesses overcome growth plateaus and achieve sustainable revenue growth. Follow her for strategies on aligning RevOps with leadership, creating operational roadmaps, fostering collaboration, and overcoming growth challenges. Stacie’s advice is practical and actionable, focusing on aligning teams with company goals and developing clear, effective plans for growth. She also shares tips on building strong collaborative environments and tackling the hurdles that come with scaling a business. With Stacie’s guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to drive consistent revenue growth and navigate any obstacles.

Follow Stacie to get more insight on popular topics like:

  • Growth strategies
  • Leadership alignment
  • Operational roadmaps

Want to get more Stacie’s content? She’s been featured in a variety of podcasts, webinars and publications including:




Benefits of Following Ops Influencers

Keeping up with the wonderful world of Ops can sometimes feel like a full-time job… There’s always a new tool to learn or a new trend to checkout. Learning is a constant. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mentor who could constantly guide you, educate you and provide you insight on the latest and greatest? That’s where RevOps influencers come in.

These industry experts are on LinkedIn weekly– sometimes daily– sharing their thoughts, opinions and lessons learned with the Ops community. And personally, we’re big fans. If you’re anything like us– you spend most of your work day in the trenches. You don’t have time to sift through blogs and guides. Influencers do the dirty work and give you the little nuggets of gold they find along the way. 

Here’s 5 reasons we love following Ops influencers on LinkedIn:

1. Keep learning 

First and foremost- influencers help you learn new stuff. They provide a closer look into complex concepts and new methodologies, helping you enhance your skill set and stay effective in your role. 

For example, when Salesforce told us workflow rules and process builders were kicking the bucket, a variety of influencers joined Sonar to chat about how to leverage flows. The actionable takeaways shared in this session helped Ops leaders prepare for the future of Salesforce.

Continuous learning from thought leaders ensures you’re always ready to tackle the latest challenges. 

2. Build your network 

Who you know matters, no matter the industry. And RevOps is a tight-knit community. Engaging with influencers opens up a world of networking possibilities. Whether it’s through social media interactions, webinars, or industry events, these connections can lead to collaborations, job opportunities, and valuable mentorship. 

Don’t be scared… “influencer” may sound like an intimidating title but the Ops community is especially passionate about networking. If you don’t believe us… just join the largest Slack community, Wizard of Ops, and see for yourself. It’s a great place to meet other industry pros and every day Ops leaders share insights and help one another out— many of which are on this very list of top influencers! 

3. Be the first to know about industry trends  

Knowing about the latest tools and strategies before they become mainstream is crucial in RevOps. Influencers are often early adopters, sharing their firsthand experiences with new technologies and approaches. Following them gives you a sneak peek into what’s coming next, so you can stay competitive and informed.

4. Get inspiration and motivation

Seeing how successful professionals navigate their careers can be incredibly motivating. Their stories of overcoming challenges and driving innovation can inspire you to push boundaries and strive for excellence in your own work. Equally encouraging– you’ll realize they are just people. And they’ve made mistakes too… better yet, they’ll tell you how to avoid the same mistakes! 

The transparency of this industry’s leaders is refreshing… and the inspiration is invaluable as you look to make a meaningful impact in the RevOps field.

5. Learn how to have an opinion of your own

One of the best things that comes with continuous learning is forming an opinion of your own. With time, you’ll learn what you agree with and don’t agree with. And having studied other creators, you may even gain the ability to share your own insights with the community!

By learning from influencer’s techniques, you can craft content that resonates deeply with your leads, moving beyond generic pitches to create memorable customer journeys.

Conclusion: In Ops, Community is Everything 

These influencers are shaping the future of RevOps with their knowledge and innovative strategies. By following them, you can stay informed, inspired, and equipped with the latest insights to drive success in your organization.

Networking and community are the lifeblood of the Ops profession. Engaging with influencers and peers not only keeps you updated on the latest trends but also opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations. 

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of Ops, join the Wizard of Ops community. It’s a vibrant space where you can share insights, get advice, and connect with fellow Ops professionals. Don’t miss out—your next big breakthrough could be just one conversation away!

What are the prerequisites for obtaining Salesforce certifications?

To obtain most Salesforce certifications, there are no formal prerequisites, although having hands-on experience with Salesforce and familiarity with the platform’s features is highly recommended. Some advanced certifications might require prior certifications or specific work experience.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining Salesforce certifications?

To obtain most Salesforce certifications, there are no formal prerequisites, although having hands-on experience with Salesforce and familiarity with the platform’s features is highly recommended. Some advanced certifications might require prior certifications or specific work experience.

How often do I need to maintain my Salesforce certifications?

Salesforce requires certification holders to complete maintenance modules annually. These modules keep you updated on the latest Salesforce features and ensure that your skills remain current.