Make smart
decisions, quickly.

Centralize systems knowledge and visualize fields, automations, and dependencies. Sonar helps everyone see the impacts of a change across Salesforce and Pardot before it happens.

We integrate with your business-critical systems.

Sonar helps you navigate automations, reports, APEX classes, and more.

Sonar helps you connect the dots across your automations, forms, emails, and more.

How Blueprint Works

Blueprint is the cheat code for managing your tech stack.

See the dependencies across Salesforce, Pardot, and more in less than 1 hour of your first sync. Ditch the stress of documentation with a living blueprint that automatically updates when you make a change.


See why ops teams give Sonar 4.8 stars on G2.

Say goodbye to surprises.

Impact analysis is about to get so much easier. With Sonar, you can see the ripple effects a change might trigger and nail down the full scope on your first try.

Save yourself valuable ramp time.

Walk into any new org with confidence. Sonar answers every question with a living guide to your systems and how they work together.

Get it right on the first try.

Protect your flows, process builders, validation rules, and reports. See how your fields are used before you make a change.

Never disrupt an APEX class.

See how a field uses an APEX class, so changes don’t cause downstream impacts.

information silo

Make sense of your fields and dependencies.

Use tags to see which fields or objects are used in other systems, need cleanup, should be part of an Initiative, and more.

Sonar has saved my team and me countless hours when problem-solving errors in our Salesforce environments. Historically, we only had the ‘where is this used’ button but being able to see all field references across the entire org is a lifesaver.


See how Sonar can help power your ops team’s success.