Build trust and credibility.

Proactively fix issues before they affect others. See possible
errors in your validation rules, so silent breakages never impact data integrity.

How Potential Issues Works

Fix issues in real-time.

Get alerts whenever a change in your systems causes something to not work right. With Sonar, you can view the impacted validation rule, so errors never last long enough to disrupt your
end-users or reporting.


Find breakages immediately.

Put an end to urgent Slack messages from your go-to-market teams asking why something isn’t working. Sync with Sonar after every change, big or small, to ensure nothing is blocking you from capturing accurate data.

Fix issues without worry.

Don’t let downstream ripple effects catch you by surprise. Get alerted to broken validation rules and view the picklist values so solving issues is a breeze.

Build confidence with users.

When everything works as expected, your teams buy into the solutions you architect. Protect your systems and processes from data leaks, so you can drive end-user adoption and build tightly integrated processes.

As an admin, I am responsible for making sure multiple teams can execute their jobs in Salesforce consistently. When deploying anything new, there are dozens of places that a problem can and will occur. Sonar helps me track down the information I need to prevent or fix these issues with a fast and intuitive UI. Sonar is a Salesforce Admin’s dream platform.


See how Sonar can help power your ops team’s success.