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Data Loss Protection Software – Purpose Built for Salesforce

Sonar’s DLP solution arms Ops, IT & Security teams with real-time integration detection and proactive monitoring, making it easy to:

  • Discover where and how PII is being processed across Salesforce integrations
  • Detect system access changes that could result in misconfigurations
  • Identify abnormalities in consumption
  • Remediate excessive permissions or revoke system access completely

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Real-time detection
of connected applications

With Sonar Pulse, you get a comprehensive, always-on visual diagram of your integrated tech stack. Not only that, but Sonar will even alert you anytime a new application is connected.

Proactive monitoring
for configuration changes

Stay in the know when object and field level mapping changes put your Salesforce at risk. Changes to integration configuration can compromise system uptime and create unintended data leakage.

Observability of API activity
& system uptime

Uptime monitoring & API reporting shows trends in the performance of your integrations and detects anomalies in API consumption that could indicate data loss or bad actors.

"Data Dictionary is one of the strongest features ever launched by Sonar. I can say it's saving our team huge amounts of manual effort and time. Previously, we were using 6-7 resources to manually maintain our Data Dictionary. Now, the process is completely automated. Sonar, thank you for the huge win!

Pravin Kudale, GTM SystemsManager at 6Sense