Built to serve as a blueprint for your tech stack.

Execute every change with total confidence.

Update intelligently.

Gone are the blind changes impacting your tech stack. Make changes instantly and confidently.

Troubleshoot confidently.

Your safety net for every change. Real-time alerts make it easy to fix things right away.

Communicate effortlessly.

Lift the veil on your cross-functional work. See how everyone’s changes impact your org.

Implement quickly.

New software? Scope the impact to existing processes so integrations are a breeze.

Document automatically.

Stay out of spreadsheets. Map and search every field and automation for insights on demand.

Deploy with agility.

Smart insights in a single view. See data dependencies right in Salesforce and execute fast.

Accomplish more with Sonar.

The intelligence you need to make updates without hesitation.

By monitoring your entire tech stack for changes, we give your cross-functional teams the scalable processes they need to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Winter 21 release

Effortless collaboration across your entire operations team.

Eliminate headaches that impact your cross-functional work. See on-demand updates for issues and changes so you can work quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

ops potential issues

Stay agile and focused on your most important work.

Never waste time on manual documentation or risk errors caused by outdated spreadsheets. Capture changes to your data relationships automatically with a living blueprint of your org.

I make sure to check Sonar before making any changes in my tech stack. That way I can fully see what will be affected when I make this change. It's a huge safety net for me to make sure that any changes I make won't result in a problem.

Keith JonesSystems RevOps Manager at MURAL

Sonar has built a tool that is super valuable. They have really done a good job of getting user and market feedback for their roadmap, so they've built not just what they think people want, but what they need.

Andy HopkinsDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations at Ware2Go

Within 24 hours of setting up Sonar during the free trial, I saw a benefit and recognized immediate value. I used the platform to understand fields visible to our marketing automation platform for marketing to our current customer base. A task that used to take me 30 minutes is now reduced to 30 seconds. Love it!

Lauren SanbornDirector of Revenue Operations at CallRail

I was WOWed by Sonar, the newest tool in our tech stack. Sonar will be the blueprint to help monitor/maintain all systems together.

Kris RudeegraapCEO of Sendoso

ROI of Operations Teams

Companies can spend anywhere from $200K to $20M+ building their tech stack, so why do you need Sonar?

Sonar does more than just track your tech stack implementation. We ensure that your teams are able to show ROI on every program they work with. Want to learn more? Talk to an expert.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sonar integrate with any CRM platform?

Currently, the only CRM Sonar integrates with is Salesforce. Our team is continuously working to provide updates that will allow Sonar to integrate with other platforms in the future. If you’re interested in using Sonar for a particular CRM, send us a note and let us know.

Do you need a credit card on file for the free trial?

No need for a credit card on file — we want you to enjoy your free trial with no strings attached. If you love Sonar after the trial period is over, we’ll be happy to facilitate payment either through credit card or invoice. Now go enjoy the software!

Does the Enterprise package give me unlimited Salesforce Organizations?

Yes! Our Enterprise package is available for companies that have more than five Salesforce organizations. Plus, this package allows for unlimited users so you can integrate your entire team with no added difficulty. Want to see if the Enterprise package is right for your company? Email us. We’d be happy to discuss your goals and how Sonar can help.

What is a Salesforce organization?

A Salesforce organization is your specific database within Salesforce. It contains your data, your custom fields, processes, reports, etc. With our platform, we can manage as many organizations as you need. Have questions? Feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help.

What other integrations do you offer?

Currently, we only offer Salesforce integration. But our team is actively working on offering more integrations in the future. If you’re interested in a specific integration, please let us know. We’d be happy to have a conversation and keep you updated on new features in real-time.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out.