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Sonar for your integrated Salesforce tech stack.

Sonar was purpose-built for Revenue Operations & Business Systems teams to more easily scope changes to their integrated Salesforce tech stack, helping to avoid broken workflows that would bring the GTM teams to a halt.

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The story behind Sonar.

It all started when our co-founders, Brad and Jack, met at one of Atlanta’s biggest venture-backed SaaS companies.

Operations director Brad and product manager Jack kept running into the same problem. The platforms in their tech stack didn’t speak to one another.

This seemingly minor problem turned out to be the source of significant issues affecting the entire company. It forced the ops team to blindly make changes without knowing the impacts on other systems and business departments. And it made providing accurate reports with essential metrics to the company’s leadership team impossible. The result? It was really hard for the ops team to work efficiently and build trust with stakeholders and leadership.

Brad and Jack set out to solve these problems for ops teams, founding Sonar on October 11, 2018. Fast-forward to today. Sonar is the top-rated Change Intelligence platform that helps ops teams navigate their tech stack and see how everything connects.

With Sonar, you can visualize the impacts a change will have across your systems, even before you make it. And with this clear view into your tech stack, you can ensure you provide your leadership team with accurate data every time.

Turn complexity into simplicity.

Change Intelligence disrupts the old way of managing change,
giving you the insight you need to make updates confidently.

What is
Change Intelligence?

Change Intelligence gives you a clear view into your tech stack, so you can redesign processes with no stress. Make changes without risking reports. And release
new automations faster than ever before.


How does Change
Intelligence help ops teams?

With Change Intelligence, ops teams gain the power to see obstacles and navigate change easily. This insight enables teams to spend more time on strategic initiatives and become a valuable asset to leadership.


The mission that drives us.

We’re on a mission to help ops teams drive more revenue by providing a clear view into their tech stack and how it works.

By understanding how changes will impact other systems and stakeholders, we help teams work smarter and faster.

Founded in 2018

7x year-over-year growth

Our team has grown over 500%

Won first customer in 2019

Raised $12M Spring 2021

4.8 out of 5 stars on G2

Our customers are high-growth companies that span:

  • Real Estate

  • SaaS

  • Finance

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • HR

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Advertising

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