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Salesforce Integration Monitoring & Detection

For businesses centralizing operations in Salesforce, it’s mission critical to have visibility into how that information is flowing between Salesforce integrations, when an unexpected change causes it to be interrupted, and where it exposes you to risk.

Empowering Ops, IT & InfoSec to Collaborate on Salesforce Security.

Sonar Pulse goes beyond just providing impact analysis intelligence on changes within Salesforce. Sonar now offers visibility into how those changes affect all of your integrated business systems. With a rapidly expanding integrated tech stack, understanding the field mapping and bi-directional data synchronization between platforms is paramount to adhering to data security policies, protecting your customer privacy and ensuring key business processes are always on.

Turning Salesforce Event Monitoring Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Anyone who manages Salesforce knows that there’s no shortage of work to keep your system running smoothly. Especially as more and more applications are being connected to your Salesforce.

But what if you had a tool that proactively monitored your Salesforce tech stack and could help you maintain the integrity of your integrations, balance API consumption and stay ahead of potential data concerns? Security focused Ops leaders are pairing Sonar Pulse with their Event Monitoring to do just that!

Real-time detection of connected applications.

Can you guess the number of integrations that are currently connected to your Salesforce? With Pulse, Systems, Ops & IT leaders get a comprehensive view into their integrated tech stack. Not only that, but Sonar will even alert you anytime a new application is connected.

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Proactive alerts on integration mapping & configuration changes.

Stay in the know when object and field level mapping changes put your Salesforce at risk. Changes to integration configuration can compromise system uptime and create unintended data leakage.

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Observability of API activity & uptime across applications.

Integration-specific Uptime & API reporting shows historical trends in the performance of your integrations, including details on API consumption that can help you more intelligently allocate API resources to avoid hitting daily limits.

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Data loss protection, built specifically for Salesforce.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to Salesforce security. Pulse offers the tools to help you respond quickly with up-to-date, exportable access and incident logs as well as suggested action plans to help guide your investigation.

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Refer Your Salesforce Team Leader

Interested in having your Salesforce team further evaluate Sonar Pulse? Simply submit their details below and w’ll coordinate a deeper discussion to determine if Pulse is right for your Salesforce security needs.