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Salesforce Event Monitoring Across Your Integrated Tech Stack

For businesses centralizing customer data in Salesforce, it’s mission critical to have visibility into how that information is flowing between Salesforce integrations, when an unexpected change causes it to be interrupted, and most importantly, where it exposes you to risk.

Screenshot of Sonar Pulse product page showcasing its Salesforce event monitoring capabilities, system reliability management, and data protection features.

Change Intelligence Doesn't Just Stop at Salesforce

Sonar Pulse goes beyond just providing impact analysis intelligence on changes within Salesforce. Utilizing Salesforce integration users and event monitoring APIs, Sonar now offers visibility into how those changes affect all of your integrated business systems. With a rapidly expanding integrated tech stack, understanding the field mapping and bi-directional data synchronization between platforms is paramount to adhering to data security policies, protecting your customer privacy and ensuring key business processes are always on.

Don't allow integrated system performance issues to impact end-user productivity, create data risk or revenue loss.

Salesforce data privacy and governance has moved to the forefront of priorities for many businesses. With integrated GTM technologies becoming more complex, Systems owners have found themselves faced with this unique set of  business challenges at the intersection of operations and information security:

Breakages happen silently

Too often, integration outages are detected and reported by end users after considerable damage has already occurred. Business systems owners are found reactively addressing issues rather than proactively planning and monitoring integrations to ensure SLOs are met and that PII and business critical data isn’t compromised.

Salesforce software integration breakages

Systems ownership is siloed

With new Salesforce integrations being introduced daily, systems ownership has begun to spread and become more siloed. To work collaboratively, it’s critical that these teams have visibility into the interconnectivity of their entire Salesforce ecosystem to understand the impacts of any change.

Sensitive data is constantly at risk

Businesses can’t afford to have blindspots to where PII and other sensitive and confidential data is being accessed, processed or even exported by unauthorized personnel.

Mitigate threats to sensitive data and prevent system breakages.

Bring your Business Systems, InfoSec, and Revenue Operations teams together in a single, easy-to-use platform for effectively managing integrated Salesforce technologies. Sonar Pulse proactively enables Salesforce owners to detect and troubleshoot performance issues before they negatively impact your business.

Service observability across your systems with Sonar Pulse + Salesforce Shield

Make the move from reactive system monitoring to proactive integration management. Sonar Pulse provides an intuitive tech stack diagram of your Salesforce integrations. By relying on Salesforce integration users, Sonar Pulse not only visualizes data migration between systems but coupled with Salesforce Shield’s event monitoring, Sonar’s system observability software for Business Systems and IT leaders also helps prevent, mitigate and monitor threats to sensitive data.

Integration monitoring with proactive threat detection.

Automatically detect anomalies. With anomaly detection, Sonars helps spot leading indicators of service degradations and helps you detect and debug potential outages and unauthorized activity.

Manage incidents effectively. When outages occur, Sonar instantly alerts and arms business systems leaders with detailed and up-to-date information regarding the incident — from performance metrics, SLAs, related automations and fields, and underlying infrastructure to system stakeholders, owners and the documentation required to resolve issues quickly.

Proactively manage the reliability of your integrations.

Informed capacity planning. Sonar helps you plan for the future and manage resources effectively to ensure the reliability of your integrations. With Sonar Pulse observability software, Systems leaders have insight into things like API consumption, license utilization and CPU usage for more accurate forecasting and capacity planning.

Meet your service level objectives. Set service level objectives for the uptime of your integration service APIs and correlate them with business results. Guarantee your business adheres to SLAs and meets customer expectations every time.

Track data lineage across your GTM systems.

Visualize your GTM data lineage. Sonar provides your Salesforce blueprint to visualize where data is being accessed or managed across your active integrations. Monitor system accessibility to sensitive data and stop integrations from compromising data security.

Remove the risk of unintended breakages. Even the smallest change can create big issues if your Salesforce admins don’t have visibility into how it affects other systems. Sonar provides systems managers real-time documentation on where metadata is being referenced across all of your integrations.

The Ultimate Control Center for Your Integrated Salesforce Tech Stack

Get access to the ultimate control center for your integrated Salesforce tech stack. Sonar Pulse provides Systems, IT and Operations teams with observability software to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the productivity of your GTM teams.