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Salesforce Integration Security Management

Integrated SaaS security posture management for Salesforce.


Why You Should Be Worrying About Salesforce Integration Security

As the central hub for storing sensitive customer data and with new SaaS applications being connected daily, businesses can’t afford to have blind spots to where Salesforce data is being accessed, processed or even exported by unauthorized personnel. But with limited resources and budget available, Salesforce Operations & Systems teams don’t have access to the level of visibility they need to proactively monitor sensitive data across integrations.

Data Loss Protection Software, Purpose-Built for Salesforce.

From detecting changes to Salesforce application access, to monitoring real-time API activity, to instantly filtering and exporting easy to interpret audits logs in, Sonar Pulse is the premier data loss protection software, engineered specifically for proactive Salesforce data security.

Access & Incident Log

Parsed Event Monitoring API access logs can be filtered by field, object, user and classification so you know when and where PII is being accessed and by which user.

Easily exportable as CSV, access logs can be downloaded with the click of a button to satisfy compliance requirements for ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI, HIPAA. etc…

When incidents occur, Sonar automatically logs the event with details on the impacted application, duration and actions. Logs can be exported and included as evidence in your incident reporting.

Detected Applications

Any time a new application is connected, Salesforce teams are provided with suggested action plans on how to assess integration security.

Proactive Monitors alert stakeholders when anomalies in API volume, uptime and access changes could indicate a Salesforce data leak or security breach.

There’s not time to waste when an unauthorized application puts your business at risk. With the click of a button, system access can be revoked right from Pulse.

Data Dictionary

Sonar automatically captures every change to Salesforce architecture in an intuitive data dictionary framework.

From your Sonar Data Dictionary, Systems owners can classify metadata by compliance category and data sensitivity level.

Export your data dictionary or embed saved views of your documentation in platforms like Confluence, Notion or anywhere iframes are supported.

Trusted by Security-Focused Salesforce Teams

Elevate Your Salesforce Data Security

Get access to the leading data loss protection software, engineered specifically for Salesforce. Sonar Pulse provides Security, IT and Operations teams with DLP solution they need to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the integrity of their connected SaaS applications.