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Salesforce solutions for revenue operations & data security teams.

Sonar provides Systems, IT and Operations teams with a suite of revenue operations tools to avoid unexpected breaks, keep documentation up-to-date and elevate Salesforce data security.

salesforce solutions

We integrate with your business-critical systems.

Sonar helps you navigate automations, reports, APEX classes, and more.

Sonar helps you connect the dots across your automations, forms, emails, and more.

Sonar helps teams work smarter.

See into your critical systems

When an admin leaves, their knowledge goes with them. Get documentation that shows how your tech stack works, so team changes never risk operations.

Easily consolidate multiple orgs

Mergers or acquisitions often require you to unite multiple Salesforce instances. Get a clear view into any org, so you can make your data work together.

Navigate a new Salesforce

When onboarding with a new org, you can’t see what was previously built. Sonar gives you the visibility to untangle tech debt and work proactively.

Collaborate with your team

Break down siloes and work better with your team, no matter where they are. Sonar helps you build a visual task list and keep all communication in one place.

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Scale your team

Cut down on systems ramp time so your team can grow quickly. Sonar saves you onboarding time with a living guide to your systems and how everything connects.

Built for anyone who relies
on your tech stack.

Ops Teams

We help you remove barriers for your sales and go-to-market teams, so they can get more work done.

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Sonar supports Ops Teams→

Salesforce Admins

We help you make confident changes, complete more user requests, and optimize processes faster.

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Sonar supports Salesforce Admins →

IT & Business Systems

We help you gain visibility across your systems, so you drive more ROI from your tech stack.

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IT & Business Systems Teams →


We help you align your team’s actions, protect critical data, and achieve your strategic goals.

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Sonar supports CXOs →

Go-To-Market Leaders

We make it simple to optimize go-to-market processes, so your teams can easily work together in sync.

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supports Go-To-Market Leaders →


We help you navigate every Salesforce org easily, so you can knock out projects and build trust with your clients.

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supports Consultants →

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