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Track Salesforce changes & expand audit trail capabilities.

Gain visibility into changes made across teams, whether they happened yesterday or months ago. With daily email alerts and change notifications, Sonar’s Change Timelines enables Sales Ops and Revenue Operations managers to proactively monitor changes and spot potential issues that could negatively impact revenue or GTM team productivity.

Understand when and where changes are being made in your Salesforce Org.

Do you ever feel like you’re going crazy trying to keep track of the changes being made to your Salesforce org? One day a critical new field is added and the next it’s gone. Or worse yet, your Salesforce admin built a complex new flow and then someone on the team unintentionally modified it.

If multiple people are making changes across your org, it can feel impossible to proactively monitor every change. Sonar’s Change Timelines provides Revenue Operations leaders daily change notifications, slack alerts and historic timeline visibility into every change so you’re never caught off guard again.


Sonar is helping us data dictionary our environment [and] it is giving our admin the ability to cross org reference and problem-solve faster, easier, and with a better experience. On top of all of this, with change tracking, we are more easily able to track down changes, by user and time frames, when needed.


Let’s Face It, Setup Audit Trail Doesn’t Cut It For Proactive Leaders

Summary of all changes in Salesforce

document your work.

Did you know Salesforce teams make 400+ changes to their Salesforce architecture every month? It would take a full-time employee to effectively capture, document and communicate these changes. Sonar removes that burden by automatically capturing every change, sending proactive change notifications to stakeholders across your business, and providing an intuitive interface for documenting and even exporting your Salesforce data dictionary.

Remove the guesswork.

Always have context for what’s changed within your Salesforce org. When things break in Salesforce, revenue operations and Salesforce admins are pressed to identify and fix the issue quickly. Sonar’s change management software for Salesforce helps them remove the guesswork and swiftly pinpoints issues that need remediation.

Identify Salesforce Change Issues & History

Reverse-engineer any issue.

See the before-state of any change made to your Salesforce data, so unexpected breakages don’t cause business downtime or unintended data loss. Sonar assists with root cause analysis, allowing Salesforce leaders to identify the specific change that  caused an issue and avoid prolonged system downtime.

Breeze through Salesforce system audits.

Never scramble to provide Salesforce documentation again. Sonar saves your timeline history, so you can build a complete picture of change across your org and who made them. Coupled with Sonar’s Data Dictionary, Data Governance teams can have peace of mind that their Salesforce is always secure.

View Salesforce change history for your entire org.

Effortlessly communicate changes.

Make sure everyone is kept in the loop on changes to your Salesforce data, and how it affects your broader tech stack. With a daily digest sent via email and Slack, Sonar helps improve your change tracking process, reduces the time your team spends communicating changes, and provides visibility across your Salesforce team to spot potential issues quickly.

Have you ever changed a formula field and realized you completely broke the formula but didn’t store your original formula? Don’t worry, Sonar’s sync will catch that change and show you the previous formula, and what you changed it to.


See how Sonar can help power your team’s success.