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Blueprint keeps your Salesforce tech stack operating as you intended.

  • Avoid breaks to critical Salesforce workflows and automations.
  • Ensure the integrity of key Salesforce reports before making a change.
  • Spot where customer data is being accessed, processed or stored across your integrated tech stack.

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Change Timelines offers seamless visibility into the changes being made to your Salesforce.

  • See historical views (including the before-state) anytime an object, field, or automation is added, deleted or modified.
  • Get Slack and email alerts of your team’s daily change logs.
  • Easily convey the value your team creates with graphical reports of their activities.

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Initiatives enable you to more intelligently manage your next Salesforce project.

  • Visually organize scope, assign tasks, and knock out your to-do list.
  • Collaborate with team members and assign ownership of tasks and deliverables.
  • Integrate with Jira to offer context behind ticket resolution.

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Potential Issues ensure breaks never disrupt your team.

  • Spot potential breaks in your Salesforce validation rules.
  • Receive daily notifications to proactively spot future beaks quickly.
  • Reduce team disruptions and avoid those urgent Slack alerts.

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Tags allow you to see how your systems and processes connect.

  • Build a data dictionary that spans systems and teams
  • Visualize connections between systems so scoping cross-team changes is easy
  • Simplify impact analysis by seeing where fields are used in critical processes

Learn more about Data Dictionary.

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