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Blueprint helps you make smart decisions quickly.

  • Search any component and its dependencies in seconds
  • View field relationships across your tech stack
  • Help new hires ramp to your systems immediately

Timelines automatically document every change to your Salesforce.

  • See every change across your Salesforce, whether it happened yesterday or months ago
  • Create accountability by seeing who added, modified, or deleted data
  • Know exactly how something changed to reverse-engineer breaks

Initiatives let you collaborate on scope and change management.

  • Visually organize scope, assign tasks, and knock out your to-do list
  • Document the “why” behind changes to your fields and automations
  • Collaborate with others so every project runs smoothly

Potential Issues ensure breaks never disrupt your team.

  • Avoid the silent breaks that lead to data loss
  • Keep your team up and running by identifying problems right away
  • See exactly what’s broken so you can fix it without headaches

Tags allow you to see how your systems and processes connect.

  • Build a data dictionary that spans systems and teams
  • Visualize connections between systems so scoping cross-team changes is easy
  • Simplify impact analysis by seeing where fields are used in critical processes

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