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Sonar for CXOs

Empower Operations to Increase Revenue Efficiency

With a clear view of your most critical business system – Salesforce – your Salesforce Systems & Revenue Operations teams can gain efficiency and optimize every process faster. Improve each step of your customer journey and enable them to support your marketing, sales and CS teams to drive more revenue for your business. 


Sonar Helps Your Operations Team Shine

Salesforce’s 2022 State of Sales report found that Sales teams are using an average of 10 tools to close a deal. And at the center of them all still stands Salesforce – your most critical business system.

As executive leaders are relying on Salesforce data to make business critical decisions, it’s more important than ever to ensure your CRM system is accurate, well-documented and secure.

Sonar for CXOs

Sonar gives IT, Operations and Business Systems leaders peace of mind by empowering them to:

Ensure the Integrity of Critical Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Sonar takes the guesswork out of managing changes in Salesforce by providing Sales & RevOps teams a complete metadata blueprint and a framework for centralizing system knowledge in a single, easy-to-use platform. With visibility across your integrated tech stack, Business Systems leaders can more easily spot potential issues and disruptions that could mean disaster for your Salesforce reports and dashboards.

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Automate Documentation Surrounding Salesforce Processes

Turnover happens but you don’t have time for new Ops leaders to learn the ropes. It’s imperative to have up-to-date documentation of your Salesforce org for fast ramp times. With Sonar’s Data Dictionary, we eliminate the heavy lift, by automatically documenting changes as they happen so your team can work on the strategic projects that drive growth for your business. This critical documentation is often required for security audits and M&A activity as well.

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Remove the Risk of Managing Salesforce

Not all Salesforce changes go as planned, oftentimes forcing your Ops teams to revert and make additional modifications. Sonar’s Change Timelines is an essential feature for fast-moving RevOps leaders who don’t have days or weeks to investigate what went wrong.

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Give your Ops team the visibility and resources they need to work efficiently, avoid breaks and keep your GTM teams operating smoothly.

[With Sonar,] our ability to have a better change management process amongst our revenue operations team ultimately creates a better end-user experience for our customers and our clients.


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