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Sonar’s product releases are brought to you by Mitchell Blanchard, Product Manager @ Sonar.

As a former RevOps practitioner, I understand the surprises and time sucks that can instantly overtake the workday. So often, we get stuck toiling in inefficient processes, navigating through 50+ clicks, or spending countless hours scoping projects. Before we can be strategic, we have to start by massively reducing the inefficiencies caused by the many pitfalls we encounter each day. That’s why we built Sonar, and it’s the driving force behind our August release (and many more to follow).

When we develop new features at Sonar, it’s not just about what we’re solving for. We’re also asking ourselves to find the best, most scalable way for you to get things done faster while gaining greater visibility. I’m proud to say our summer release accomplishes all of these goals.

Here are some of the ways the new features help you continue winning at RevOps.

Protect your Salesforce Reports!

Board meetings, key channel investments, changes in GTM strategy, and a wide range of executive-level decisions are driven by Salesforce reports. This means even the smallest update to a picklist value can have a cascading effect that results in bad data, leading to urgent questions, last-minute panics, and unnecessary pivots. If you’re getting an after-hours Slack from a VP, you can pretty much guarantee a report is broken.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Sonar now supports Salesforce Reports, so you can always equip your users and leadership team with accurate metrics and revenue figures. (Bonus: this also means you no longer have to worry about scaring anyone with bad or missing results).

Now you can view every report dependency from any field and all field references from any report. This gives you complete discoverability through objects to fields and the critical reporting they drive.

See where and how each field is referenced, so you can eliminate surprises and work strategically with your leadership team. Any time you scope a change in Sonar, you can proactively get ahead of how fields are used, so you can anticipate what might break and how.

What you’ll love about Sonar’s Reports feature:

  • Confidently protect and preserve your active reports.

    See every report referenced by changing fields, and easily discover fields used as a filter. Get more time back in your day by eliminating wasted hours manually auditing reports for potential breakages.

  • Avoid getting frustrated over manually diagnosing what broke and how to fix it.

    View every field leveraged in a report and understand exactly how it’s used, so you no longer have to scramble to determine the cause of a break.

  • Keep a complete line of sight on how every report has been modified.

    Access a timeline that shows you the changes across all of your reports, so you can reverse errors and keep everything running smoothly.

We’re not stopping there. The release also includes updates to some of your favorite Sonar features:


View changes easily with Timelines.

Reviewing (or reversing) changes to your Salesforce fields, automations, and reports just got easier than ever before.

Now you can filter your views to capture just the changes you need. When you expand each change, you will see a highlight of the exact code that was added, deleted, or modified. This helps you compare the before and after of all work across your team.

Do more with Initiatives.

Initiatives allow you to visualize process changes, organize scope, and add context-rich documentation to your fields, objects, and automations. Our latest updates make it even simpler to capture the details you need at a glance.

By accessing related references, you can see and execute every change seamlessly. View all field associations so you can assess the complexity of projects at a glance. Plus, you can now tag your coworkers in the comments to collaborate on projects and use rich text formatting to communicate details around your changes.


Mitchell Blanchard is a Product Manager at Sonar, as well as a former RevOps practitioner & consultant, with a passion for creatively solving operational challenges. In his spare time, you can find him exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing (or watching) any sport you can think of.