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Hello simplicity, farewell complexity.

Ditch the complex, tedious way of managing change across your systems. Meet Change Intelligence, the simple way that’s helping ops teams work smarter.

change intelligence

We help ops teams see obstacles and navigate change easily.

Imagine how much easier managing change would be with a clear view of your tech stack and how it works. You could redesign processes with no stress. Make changes without risking reports. And release new automations faster than ever before.

Achieve all that—and so much more—with Change Intelligence.

Change Intelligence helps you:

change intelligence

Align your
internal teams.

Centralize systems knowledge and empower groups to easily work together.

change intelligence

Work more

With a clear view of your tech stack, you can spend less time putting out fires and more time on setting and achieving strategic goals.

change intelligence

Make the right
change every time.

See obstacles and understand dependencies, so you make confident changes.

When to use Change Intelligence.

Onboarding with a
new Salesforce

Cleaning up
technical debt

Growing your
operations team

Merging multiple
Salesforce orgs together

Managing change across tech stacks, teams, and locations

Helping leadership drive change projects

Harness the power of Change Intelligence with Sonar.

Sonar is the smart way to navigate your tech stack and make changes.


See fields, automations, and dependencies, so you know the impacts of a change before you make it.


Potential Issues

See possible breakages in your automation, so snags never take you by surprise.

change management issues
it audit

Change Timelines

Gain visibility into changes made by users or service providers, whether they happened yesterday or months ago.


Scope & Change Management

Visually organize scope, assign tasks, and document why things changed in Salesforce and Pardot.

scope management

Sonar integrates with your business-critical systems.

Sonar helps you navigate automations, reports, APEX classes, and more.

Sonar helps you connect the dots across your automations, forms, emails, and more.

Coming soon!

Sonar has fundamentally changed how our company runs operations.


See how Change Intelligence can drive results for your team.



Built for anyone who relies
on your tech stack.

Ops Teams

We help you remove barriers for your sales and go-to-market teams, so they can get more work done.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports Ops Teams

Salesforce Admins

We help you make confident changes, complete more user requests, and optimize processes faster.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports Salesforce Admins

IT & Business Systems

We help you gain visibility across your systems, so you drive more ROI from your tech stack.

Learn more about how Sonar supports
IT & Business Systems Teams →


We help you align your team’s actions, protect critical data, and achieve your strategic goals.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports CXOs →

Go-To-Market Leaders

We make it simple to optimize go-to-market processes, so your teams can easily work together in sync.

Learn more about how Sonar
supports Go-To-Market Leaders →


We help you navigate every Salesforce org easily, so you can knock out projects and build trust with your clients.

Learn more about how Sonar
supports Consultants →

Ops teams choose Sonar to drive change.

Your tech stack, powered by Change Intelligence.

Sonar gives you a clear view into your tech stack, so you know the ripple effects a change will have before you make it. Sonar eliminates that “software scaries” feeling, so you can build and deploy changes without stress.