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Salesforce Change Management, Done Right.

Salesforce is a powerful and flexible platform that enables organizations to adapt and evolve according to their unique business requirements. However, as businesses grow and change, modifications to the Salesforce environment become inevitable. Ditch the complex, tedious way of managing change across your systems. Meet Salesforce Change Intelligence, the simple way that’s helping ops teams work smarter. Learn about the cutting edge features included in Sonar Change Management software.

Salesforce Project Management Tool Used To Manage Salesforce Changes

We help ops teams see obstacles and navigate change easily.

Imagine how much easier managing change would be with a clear view of your tech stack and how it works. You could redesign processes with no stress. Make Salesforce changes without risking  lost revenue & lengthy reports. Or maybe release new SFDC automations faster than ever before!

Achieve all that—and so much more—with Sonar Change Intelligence.

Harness the power of Salesforce Change Intelligence with Sonar.

 Sonar is a Salesforce Change Management tool used by RevOps and SalesOps leaders every day. Sonar was built to save Admins and RevOps teams time and headaches when making changes to Salesforce. Check out Sonar’s award winning features below.

Visualize Salesforce changes and dependencies using Sonar

Salesforce Blueprint

Sonar Salesforce Blueprint provides enhanced capabilities for conducting intelligent impact analysis and delivers seamless visibility into all references across a Salesforce organization. With the aid of Salesforce change management software, leaders in Sales Operations (SalesOps) and Revenue Operations (RevOps) can confidently assess the scope of impact associated with each change and proactively identify potential issues before they result in disruptions.

Salesforce Potential Issues

It’s important to take a proactive approach to ensure the integrity of your data and prevent issues from impacting your business operations. This is where Sonar Software’s Potential Issues feature comes in handy. With this tool, you can identify possible errors in your Salesforce validation rules and fix them before they cause any silent breakages that can jeopardize your data quality.

Identify potential issues within your Salesforce Org using Sonar.
Audit your Salesforce Org and be notified of any changes using Sonar.

Change Timelines & Project Management For Salesforce

As a Sales Ops or Revenue Operations manager, it’s crucial to have full visibility into changes that are made across different teams within your organization, regardless of when they occurred. Change Timelines offers daily email alerts and notifications that keep you informed about the changes made to your Salesforce org.


Salesforce Scope & Change Management

Sonar’s Initiatives is a powerful tool that can help your Salesforce administration teams document their processes effectively. This lightweight project management tool offers various features that can help you organize your tasks, visualize your scope, and record changes made to your Salesforce system and other related technologies. With Sonar’s Initiatives, your team can get more work done and achieve better results.

Salesforce Scope and Change management tools make it easy to spot issues.
Salesforce Data Dictionary allows you to manage your SF metadata easily with help from ChatGPT.

Salesforce Data Dictionary

Sonar offers a dynamic data dictionary for Salesforce that automatically captures metadata, enabling you to apply context to your Salesforce data. This tool helps reduce costs and improves the agility of the team supporting effective change management for your business. Without relying on manual data capture and documentation, Sonar’s data dictionary notifies you automatically when changes occur in your most critical business system. This gives business leaders peace of mind and allows RevOps leaders to focus on their primary responsibility of supporting business growth.

Sonar Change Management helps you:

change intelligence

Align your
internal teams.

Centralize systems knowledge and empower groups to easily work together.

change intelligence

Work more

With a clear view of your tech stack, you can spend less time putting out fires and more time on setting and achieving strategic goals.

change intelligence

Make the right
change every time.

See obstacles and understand dependencies, so you make confident changes.

When to use Change Management In Salesforce

Onboarding with a
new Salesforce

Cleaning up
technical debt

Growing your
operations team

Merging multiple
Salesforce orgs together

Managing change across tech stacks, teams, and locations

Helping leadership drive change projects

Sonar integrates with your business-critical systems.

Sonar helps you navigate automations, reports, APEX classes, and more.

Sonar helps you connect the dots across your automations, forms, emails, and more.

Sonar has fundamentally changed how our company runs operations.


Salesforce Change Management FAQs

What is Salesforce Change Management?

Salesforce Change Management refers to the systematic approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from their current state to a desired future state within the Salesforce platform. It involves managing changes to the Salesforce system, including changes to custom objects, fields, workflows, and other configurations, to meet evolving business needs while minimizing disruptions and ensuring successful adoption

Why is Change Management important in Salesforce?

Change Management in Salesforce is crucial to ensure business continuity, minimize disruption, and maintain data integrity. It helps to plan and implement changes effectively, keeping in mind the impact on users and processes. It also ensures all changes are documented, tracked, and validated, enabling easier troubleshooting and rollbacks if necessary.

What are some best practices for Salesforce Change Management?

Some best practices include: use of a Sandbox for development and testing changes; use of version control systems to track changes; having a strong governance framework and approval process for changes; training users about the changes; and using tools like Salesforce’s Change Set or third-party applications for deploying changes. Communication and documentation are also key aspects of effective change management.

What tools does Salesforce provide for Change Management?

Salesforce provides several tools for change management, such as Change Sets, Salesforce DX, and the Salesforce CLI. Change Sets allow administrators to move changes from one organization to another. Salesforce DX and the Salesforce CLI provide a set of command line tools and APIs for version control, scripting, and continuous integration, which are essential parts of modern change management strategies.

What tools does Salesforce provide for Change Management?

Some best practices include: use of a Sandbox for development and testing changes; use of version control systems to track changes; having a strong governance framework and approval process for changes; training users about the changes; and using tools like Salesforce’s Change Set or third-party applications such as Sonar, for deploying changes. Communication and documentation are also key aspects of effective change management.

How can Salesforce Change Management help in improving user adoption?

Salesforce Change Management includes processes like user training and communication about changes. This helps users understand the reason behind changes, how to use new features, and the benefits they will gain, thus improving user adoption. Moreover, by involving users in the change process (for instance, gathering their input during the planning stage), change management can ensure that changes are well-received and meet the actual needs of users.

See how Change Intelligence can drive results for your team.



Built for anyone who relies
on your tech stack.

Ops Teams

We help you remove barriers for your sales and go-to-market teams, so they can get more work done.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports Ops Teams

Salesforce Admins

We help you make confident changes, complete more user requests, and optimize processes faster.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports Salesforce Admins

IT & Business Systems

We help you gain visibility across your systems, so you drive more ROI from your tech stack.

Learn more about how Sonar supports
IT & Business Systems Teams →


We help you align your team’s actions, protect critical data, and achieve your strategic goals.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports CXOs →

Go-To-Market Leaders

We make it simple to optimize go-to-market processes, so your teams can easily work together in sync.

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supports Go-To-Market Leaders →


We help you navigate every Salesforce org easily, so you can knock out projects and build trust with your clients.

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supports Consultants →

Ops teams choose Sonar to drive change.

Your tech stack, powered by Salesforce Change Intelligence.

Sonar gives you a clear view into your tech stack, so you know the ripple effects a change will have before you make it. Sonar eliminates that “software scaries” feeling, so you can build and deploy changes without stress.