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Like Harry Potter had to take on Voldemort to secure Hogwarts, operations teams are fighting technical debt to protect their Salesforce org. But unlike an epic wizard battle, ops teams lack the resources (and spells) they need to win the fight and eliminate the outdated data built up over months, years, or decades.

Technical debt, also known as tech debt, happens over time across your systems. It can add up quickly, as duplicate fields are made, data is entered incorrectly, or turnover happens on your ops team. This all too common battle makes it difficult for ops teams to navigate and manage change for your most critical systems, like Salesforce. 

But, if you manage your tech debt proactively and properly, you can:

  • Protect your critical processes that drive revenue
  • Onboard new hires to your org faster and easier
  • Avoid time-consuming cleanup projects to get rid of unused fields

How to eliminate tech debt

Eliminating tech debt is challenging without Change Intelligence. Using a Change Intelligence platform, like Sonar, you can easily get rid of tech debt.

Sonar helps you:

How Sonar helps other ops teams overcome tech debt

LendingTree knocks out 16 years of tech debt. 

LendingTree wanted to transform its Salesforce org into a best-in-class platform that could power its 30 business units. But first, it had to tackle nearly two decades of tech debt. LendingTree brought on Sonar to provide its team of Salesforce Admins with a clear view into the tech stack and how it was built. Equipped with this greater visibility, the team reduced their tech debt cleanup time by 40%, saving nearly 500 hours per year.

SevenRooms frees up valuable space in Salesforce.

The ops team at SevenRooms had a problem: they ran out of available Salesforce fields. To make room for new fields, they had to delete outdated ones. But they didn’t know which fields were being used by their go-to-market teams. If they accidentally deleted a field in use, that could lead to data leaks and broken processes.

So they turned to Sonar. With Sonar’s Tags, SevenRooms received a 360 view of how each field affects their team, systems, and company. That visibility helped the team know which fields to delete, so they could finally add more fields to their system.


Ready to eliminate your tech debt? Try Sonar for free and start tackling it today.