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Sonar For Operations Teams

Revenue Operations Software actually built for RevOps

Providing transparency into the interconnectivity and automations that keep your CRM running, Sonar enables Revenue Operations leaders to spot opportunities to drive revenue efficiencies and avoid unexpected breaks that can result in business downtime.


Optimized Salesforce Impact Analysis for Revenue Operations

Sales Ops

Empower your Sales Ops team with a better way to manage change.

Managing change on your own or with a Salesforce-dedicated team is simple with Sonar. And better change management builds more confidence across your teams and leadership.

Marketing Ops

Help your Marketing team break down operating silos between teams.

With Sonar, you can break down operating silos and build winning marketing campaigns in Pardot. Start generating leads that your sales team will love.


Give your RevOps team the insight they need to manage change strategically.

Sonar helps you see dependencies across your CRM and marketing automation systems. And you can discover the downstream impacts across platforms and business departments.

Spend less time fixing bugs and more time driving value with Sonar.

Recovering from an unexpected Salesforce break is time consuming, expensive and can result in productivity loss across GTM teams. Sonar magnifies the impact of change and reduces risk so your team can spend less time troubleshooting and more time executing on high-growth projects.

Fastest Moving Ops Teams Rely on Sonar

Protect the integrity of your critical business reports and Salesforce dashboards.

Quickly see which Salesforce reports could be impacted before making a change to a field. Sonar shows Sales Ops and RevOps leaders the last time those impacted reports were run, and even identifies if the field is being used as a filter, column or grouping.

Learn more about how Sonar supports Salesforce reports →

Track changes being made across your team.

With Sonar’s metadata change logs,Operations leaders have a timeline view (including the before-state) of changes being made across teams. And with email alerts and slack notifications, you’re never in the dark when it comes to change management.

Expand audit trail capabilities with Sonar →

Lightweight project management for Salesforce.

Don’t let complexity get in the way. Organize scope, assign tasks, and prioritize process changes to help your team achieve their KPIs.

Prioritize process changes to help your team achieve their KPIs.

[Sonar] is an insurance policy on what’s been changed [in Salesforce] and where to find things.


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