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Meet the smart way to manage change.

change intelligence company

We help ops teams see obstacles and navigate change easily.

Sonar helps you set strategic goals and guides you to success.
Find out how we support your role.

Ops Teams

We help you remove barriers for your sales and go-to-market teams, so they can get more work done.

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Sonar supports Ops Teams→

salesforce admin

Salesforce Admins

We help you make confident changes, complete more user requests, and optimize processes faster.

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Sonar supports Salesforce Admins→

IT & Business Systems

We help you gain visibility across your systems, so you drive more ROI from your tech stack.

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IT & Business Systems Teams →



We help you align your team’s actions, protect critical data, and achieve your strategic goals.

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Sonar supports CXOs →

Go-To-Market Leaders

We make it simple to optimize go-to-market processes, so your teams can easily work together in sync.

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We help you navigate every Salesforce org easily, so you can knock out projects and build trust with your clients.

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Hear why our clients love Sonar.

The mission that drives us.

We’re on a mission to help ops teams drive more revenue by providing a clear view into their tech stack and how it works.

By understanding how changes will impact other systems and stakeholders, we help teams work smarter and faster.

The story behind Sonar.

It all started when our co-founders, Brad and Jack, met at one of Atlanta’s biggest venture-backed SaaS companies.

Operations director Brad and product manager Jack kept running into the same problem. The platforms in their tech stack didn’t speak to one another.

This seemingly minor problem turned out to be the source of significant issues affecting the entire company. It forced the ops team to blindly make changes without knowing the impacts on other systems and business departments. And it made providing accurate reports with essential metrics to the company’s leadership team impossible. The result? It was really hard for the ops team to work efficiently and build trust with stakeholders and leadership.

Brad and Jack set out to solve these problems for ops teams, founding Sonar on October 11, 2018.


Our Values

Optimize for Outcomes

To me, optimizing for outcomes means seeing the big picture and knowing where you want to go before doing anything else. Sonar optimizes for outcomes by deeply understanding our space and not getting hung up on anything that won’t meaningfully move the needle for our customers and improve the bottom line.

Senior Software Engineer

People Matter

At this stage of a company’s lifecycle, each individual person is paving the way for their future colleagues and customers. Your actions reflect the mission of the company as a whole, and going the extra mile is not something leadership requires, it’s something individual contributors must require of each other. You can’t blend in at a fast-growth startup, so why not stand out?

Account Executive

Change is Constant

As a fast-growing tech startup, there’s always going to be a lot of change happening. But our team not only embraces that change, it’s what motivates us to do our best work every day. From SDRs to leadership, every person here leans into change””ready to learn new things, welcome new team members, and take on new challenges.

Content Marketing Manager

Team Over Self

Here at Sonar, every individual operates with the goal of growing the entire business. People from completely different functions at Sonar are willing to help solve problems and work together to find solutions for the greater good of the company, even if it does not fall directly in their job description.

Demand Generation Manager

Join our fast-growing team.

We’re looking for leaders, big-picture thinkers,
eternal optimists, and creatives.


Meet the leadership team behind Sonar.


Brad Smith

Co-Founder & CEO


Jack McGlinchey

Co-Founder & CPO

Jennifer Hopkins

Jennifer Hopkins

SVP of Marketing


Mitchell Blanchard

Director of Business Strategy & Operations, Chief Of Staff

Vince Silvey

SVP of Engineering

The perks you get working at Sonar.

Receive Top-Tier Benefits

Unlimited PTO, free health insurance,
paid parental leave, and a new MacBook

Get 1-on-1 Support
From Executives

Work with a leadership team that wants
to help you learn and grow

Grow Your Career

Opportunities to pursue classes, workshops, and certifications that support your future

Be Part of a Community

Bond with coworkers outside of the office with team events and company happy hours

Collaborate Across Teams

In a recent survey, 96% of our employees were happy with collaboration and communication across their teams

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Be part of an inclusive culture that celebrates your differences and supports, respects, and encourages each other

Work How You Want

Flexible work arrangements and weekly work from home days

We keep your data safe and your teams compliant.

Stay SOX compliant with Sonar. We help you track your data across your systems and give you the insights you need for audits.


People are talking about Sonar.

Meet the investors behind Sonar.

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