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API Performance Monitoring & System Uptime

Ensure the uptime & integrity of your critical business systems.


System breakages happen silently.

Too often, integration outages are detected and reported by end users after considerable damage has already occurred. Business systems owners are found reactively addressing issues rather than proactively planning and monitoring integrations to ensure SLOs are met and that PII and business critical data isn’t compromised.

Integration-level activity monitoring like you’ve never seen before.

Proactively detect leading indicators of service degradations and potentially fraudulent behavior with Sonar Pulse. Integration-specific API reporting shows historical trends in Salesforce API usage, allowing you to prioritize the allocation of these resources to avoid hitting daily limits and spot unusual spikes in API activity that could indicate high risk security concerns.

API Volume

Monitor integration-level API activity to better understand when and how API limits are met.

Filter API activity by date range or specific application to observe trends in API consumption and forecast capacity.

Identify spikes in API consumption that could be indicators of malicious activity or data leakage.

Access Statistics

Get a drill-down view into the top entities, fields and applications consuming APIs over any given period.

Determine changes to the sync frequency of applications consuming the most API calls to stay within your daily and monthly API limits to avoid additional costs.

Evaluate the business and security risks of fields containing PII or sensitive data that are syncing between Salesforce and your integration.

Application Status & Uptime Monitors

Create Monitors for your known applications and send email alerts to owners and stakeholders when expected API activity hasn’t occurred.

From the Pulse dashboard, Sonar provides an aggregated view into the operational status of your connected applications where available.

With insightful uptime reporting, teams can hold vendors accountable to the service levels defined in your service agreements.

Trusted by Security-Focused Salesforce Teams

Elevate Your Salesforce Data Security

Get access to the leading data loss protection software, engineered specifically for Salesforce. Sonar Pulse provides Security, IT and Operations teams with DLP solution they need to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the integrity of their connected SaaS applications.