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So Key for Any Operations Team!
"Sonar helps to organize, document and prepare for minor or major changes. It also helps to understand where to troubleshoot first."

RevOps Manager, Calendly

Where Have You Been All My Life!
"Sonar literally saves me and my team hours of having to pour through SFDC Instances to find validation and syntax errors. It also gives me a snapshot over time on how well we're doing in the instance and allows us to easily show the effect we're having within an org."

VP Sales & Revenue, Carabiner Group

A Crystal Ball for Your Salesforce Org.
"In my 15 years as a Salesforce administrator, I've never had org documentation that provides the insight and clarity that Sonar provides."

Director of Sales & RevOps, LeagueApps

Sonar Gives Us Amazing Insight Into Our SF Instance.
"Field references and tagging helps us develop solutions more quickly, minimize impacts to the business when making changes, and troubleshoot issues far more Quickly."

RevOps Manager, BombBomb

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