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The Industry’s Favorite RevOps Community

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With over 7,000 SalesOps & RevOps professionals – Wizards of Ops is Sonar’s exclusive Slack community where members can get real-time, peer-to-peer advice, share battle scars, and access to our Ops job board!

WizardOfOps By Sonar Software

Master Your RevOps Skills

Tap into the WizOps Community to become a Wizard of your craft! Connect with over 7,000 experts within the Ops space and get the peer-to-peer interaction you’ve been missing! Join our private Slack community to network, get exclusive content and expand your Ops knowledge.

Elevate Your Career

What’s next for your career? This can sometimes be a daunting question for Ops Pros. Get access to our Recruiting channel as well as our industry-leading compensation reports so you can make informed decisions about your next move! Lean on our WizOps community to get the advice you need, when you need it. Learn more.

Sonar Salesforce Ops Podcast & Webinar
Sonar Salesforce Ops Podcast & Webinar

Get Real-Time Answers to Your Questions

No matter your experience, things tend to break when working in Ops. With WizOps, you no longer have to work in a silo, spending countless hours trying to fix something. You’ll now have over 7,000 Ops professionals to ask questions and help crowdsource a solution – in real time! Learn more.

Exclusive Ops Content

Get access to actionable content that spans career advice, technology must-haves, RevOps team structures and more! View our shOPSTalk webinar series to hear directly from your peers on similar topics….or, better yet get access to our industry-leading compensation report! Learn more.

Sonar Salesforce Ops Podcast & Webinar

"For most communities, they say you get out of it what you put in; WizOps is more like winning the lottery where a simple investment nets a wealth of riches. Best of all, most of the WizOps members are genuine and authentic - there to teach, learn, and share, not sell or create leads.”

Dan Grossberg, Director of Revenue Operations

“Brad Smith and company have curated a group of the smartest operators out there. WizOps is my go-to for questions to the ops community and has regularly provided my team and I with answers to gnarly questions. It's like having an entire enterprise revops team in your back pocket and members genuinely just want to help one another.”

Henry Mizel, VP of Revenue

“Being a part of the WizOps community has been an incredible experience. I am endlessly grateful for the connections I've made and the knowledge I've gained from the brilliant (and crazy) individuals here. The Rev Ops expertise and experience you'll find in this group is remarkable, and everyone's willingness to share their insights and support has been truly priceless."

Chris Stabile, Practice Director, RevOps

“WizOps is a community of brilliant, talented, operations folks from various backgrounds, experience levels, and tech stacks. But at this point, what professional community isn't? What sets WizOps apart happens after the question has been answered, the win celebrated, and the heartache mourned - it is the genuine, caring people who make this place really great. Yes, we are all operators trying to get our ROI on YOY, MOM but in the end, the best way to get to know someone is to help them. And the people who help here are phenomenal."

Erik Lopez, Global CRM & Sales Business Systems Technical Lead

“I've had an incredible experience being a part of the Wizards of Ops community. It's truly been a game changer for me. Having access to so many RevOps professionals who are always ready to help answer any questions I have, has been incredibly valuable. Through this channel, I've been able to meet so many quality individuals who have joined my teams, been recruited to amazing companies, and most importantly, I've met some lifelong friends. WizOps is so much more than just a regular slack channel, it's a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to helping each other succeed. I couldn't recommend it enough.”

Krystal Diel, Sr. Consultant

“Wizards of Ops has been invaluable to my journey as a RevOps leader. As someone who 'stumbled into' a career in Ops, I wouldn't be where I am today without the support & connections from the community. I'm in the community daily to help solve tough problems, learn about best practices on systems, processes, & vendors, and build genuine friendships.”

Jonathon Morgan, VP of Revenue Operations

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