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Information Security & Data Governance

Avoid Costly Risks & Strengthen Salesforce Data Governance

IT & InfoSec leaders can now feel confident in the security of sensitive customer data being stored in Salesforce. With our generative data dictionary technology and proactive observability software, Sonar equips your RevOps and Business Systems teams with the tools needed to maintain data classification and optimize system security.

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Salesforce Data Security Breaches Can Cost Your Business Millions.

For many businesses, Salesforce has become the central system of record for storing sensitive customer data. But with so many third party applications accessing Salesforce data, how confident are you that you know everywhere PII is being stored? These blindspots in your integrated tech stack have the potential to cost you millions of dollars in compliance and regulatory fines. Sonar’s data loss prevention software detects application access and changes to access permissions, proactively alerting Ops, IT and InfoSec leaders when business sensitive data leakage may be at risk.

Sonar for IT, InfoSec & Data Governance

IT, Ops and Systems come together in a single, easy-to-use software for managing information security across your integrated Salesforce tech stack. Sonar instantly documents changes to your Salesforce metadata and visualizes responses from Salesforce event monitoring APIs so you can address performance issues before they negatively impact your business.

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Event Monitoring Across Your GTM Tech Stack.

Make the move from reactive system monitoring to proactive cloud data loss prevention (DLP) & system management. Sonar Pulse monitors integration user access to Salesforce and provides an interactive interface for visualizing event monitoring API data. Instantly detect new application access to Salesforce fields, get real time alerts when access permissions change, and monitor user level access to Salesforce data being transferred across your integrated apps.

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Simplify Salesforce Data Classification.

Data classification is a critical component for most information security frameworks. However, generating a Salesforce Data Dictionary can be a heavy lift for even the most seasoned Ops leader. That’s why the fastest moving Ops teams turn to Sonar. Our Dynamic Data Dictionary instantly captures every change to your Salesforce metadata, self-populating critical fields like business description and providing a framework to classify PII. Improve data literacy, reduce tech debt and safeguard critical business data with Sonar

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Change Logs for Salesforce Audits.

Sonar’s Change Timelines offer a timeline view (including the before-state) of metadata change logs being made across teams. And with email alerts and Slack notifications, you’re never in the dark when it comes to change management.

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Mitigate Risk and Ensure System Uptime.

With transparency into the interconnectivity and automations that keep your sales stack running, Sonar’s Salesforce Blueprint provides the map to spot potential breaks and helps IT and Business Systems leaders meet and exceed service level objectives for system uptime.

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Sonar gives us greater visibility into our tech stack by offering us the ability to see all of our applications and how they integrate with Salesforce today through managed packages.


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Don’t allow blindspots in your integrated Salesforce tech stack to introduce information security risks and costly data breaches. Try Sonar’s Cloud Data Loss Prevention Software today.