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Transparency into your Salesforce Architecture for Intelligent Impact Analysis.

Sonar’s Salesforce Blueprint allows for more intelligent impact analysis and offers seamless visibility into every reference across your Salesforce org. Using Sonar’s revenue operations software, Salesforce operations teams can confidently scope the impact of every change and spot potential breaks before they occur.

Make Smart Decisions (Faster) with Automated Dependency Mapping

If you’ve managed Salesforce for more than a few months, chances are you have inadvertently triggered an automation that created a mess of your Salesforce data. Ops leaders rely on Sonar to quickly spot Salesforce field dependencies across validation rules, process builders, flow and more so you can effectively manage scope, eliminate rework and see the impacts of any change.

Remove the Risk from Managing Changes in Salesforce

Sonar takes the guesswork out of managing changes in Salesforce by providing Systems, Ops & InfoSec teams a complete CRM blueprint and a framework for centralizing system knowledge in a single, easy-to-use platform. And with visibility across your integrated tech stack, it’s easy to spot the impact of potential change across connected apps so don’t have to worry about system breakages.

Say goodbye to surprises.

Do you know where your Salesforce ‘skeletons’ are buried? We’re redefining change impact analysis for revenue operations leaders and Salesforce admins. Sonar shines a light on the darkest corners of your org so Salesforce owners can spot hidden triggers that could potentially  break marketing automations and bring your sales team to a standstill.

Save yourself valuable ramp time.

We help high growth companies centralize systems knowledge and ramp new hires faster. By mapping your Salesforce metadata, Sonar enables revenue operations teams to onboard 10x faster. Coupled with our Dynamic Data Dictionary, business leaders can feel confident that their most important business system is well documented and can be easily interpreted in an instant

Deliver Salesforce Projects Faster.

Before starting your next Salesforce project, make sure your salesforce admins and entire revenue operations team have a clear understanding of the impact of changes, big or small. Whether you’re creating new automations using Flow Builder or migrating workflow rules, Sonar showcases each node of your Salesforce flow so your team gets it right the first time and delivers projects on time.

Never disrupt an APEX class.

Sonar helps you visualize how a field uses an APEX class, so changes don’t cause downstream impacts.

Salesforce integrations for data

Track data lineage across your GTM systems.

Sonar now offers a blueprint of your integrated Salesforce tech stack to visualize where data is being accessed or managed across your active integrations. Employing integration users and Salesforce Shield’s event monitoring APIs, Sonar displays the field mapping and bi-directional data synchronization between platforms so Systems leaders can monitor accessibility to sensitive data and stop integrations from compromising data security.

Sonar has saved my team and me countless hours when problem-solving errors in our Salesforce environments. Historically, we only had the ‘where is this used’ button but being able to see all field references across the entire org is a lifesaver.


See how Sonar can help power your ops team’s success.