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SaaS Application Detection

Your always-on Salesforce tech stack diagram – visualized.


Your integrated tech stack is rapidly expanding.

More and more SaaS applications are offering one-click integrations to Salesforce, making it far too easy for just about any standard user to authentic access to potentially sensitive data in your org. The problem is, there’s no easy way to know when these applications are connected and it usually goes undetected until damage has already occurred.

Keep a pulse on the applications connected to your Salesforce.

Sonar turns your Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring data into actionable intelligence, visualizing the connected applications that are accessing your Salesforce data in real-time.

System Overview

Manage, monitor and document your Salesforce integrations from a single dashboard.

Discover everywhere Salesforce data is being read or stored across your connected applications.

Click onto any connected application to investigate field & object level access and system configuration changes.

Detected Applications

Instantly detect when new applications are connected to Salesforce and by which sync user.

Receive real-time alerts of these new sub-processors gaining access to sensitive data or PII.

Click investigate to understand more about how the application is interacting or revoke unauthorized access in a single click.

Suggested Action Plans

Suggested action plans provide case specific details regarding any newly detected and undocumented application.

Offering guidance into the review and management of system access and permissions of the associated integration user to keep your Salesforce secure.

On-going monitoring and incident management suggestions on how to act fast when a Salesforce security threat occurs.

Trusted by Security-Focused Salesforce Teams

Elevate Your Salesforce Data Security

Get access to the leading data loss protection software, engineered specifically for Salesforce. Sonar Pulse provides Security, IT and Operations teams with DLP solution they need to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the integrity of their connected SaaS applications.