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The first step to any Salesforce clean-up project is knowing where to begin.

FieldSpy - Data Cleanup Using Free Salesforce App
How to use FieldSpy to edit SFDC fields

How FieldSpy Works

FieldSpy gives you Salesforce field population intelligence so you can decide which fields to keep and which to delete. See how often fields are being used and the context for why so you can avoid unexpected ripple effects across your org. Eliminate tech debt and remove clutter across any Salesforce object. FieldSpy was built to make admins’ lives easier, providing a clean and intuitive user experience that works across both standard and custom fields.

Remove unneeded fields and optimize sales efficiency

Use FieldSpy to kickstart a quick field clean up project, reducing the clutter from your page layouts and score an easy win for your GTM team. In a rush? No problem. Run Salesforce field audits across multiple objects and get more done in less time.

Account view FieldSpy Salesforce app

Context is key to your field clean-up success

Discover uncommon scenarios in which a field might be important to keep with FieldSpy’s Insights feature. Quickly identify references to automation in custom fields to avoid potential Salesforce breaks during your field clean-up.

Stop feeling constrained by custom field limits

Salesforce sets object limits for things like custom fields, active validation rules and roll-up summaries. FieldSpy provides visibility into your capacity limits across all of your objects, making it easier to know when you need to start creating space.

field spy Salesforce object fields

Initiate projects to address underutilizing fields

Just because a field has a low population percentage doesn’t mean it needs to be removed. Launch new initiatives to streamline how GTM teams collect and deliver critical business data in under utilized fields.

Pair FieldSpy with Sonar to see how your automations, reports, and more could be impacted.