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Salesforce Cleanup Projects Just Got Easier. 

Delete fields quickly and confidently, and return to the work that matters! FieldSpy analyzes objects to discover population percentages and how they are being referenced in your automations so you can make Salesforce changes with confidence.

How to use FieldSpy to edit SFDC fields

How FieldSpy Works

FieldSpy, a FREE product offering now available in the Salesforce AppExchange, is your team’s ultimate cheat sheet for intelligently cleaning up your Salesforce data. FieldSpy is the complete field usage analysis tool designed to help identify which fields to keep and which to delete.

In just a few simple clicks, FieldSpy helps you:

    • Find fields that are not in use
    • Know how often a field is populated
    • Report on field use for an object in Salesforce
    • Analyze multiple objects at once
    • Discover references to automation in Custom Fields


Remove Unused Fields Across Your Org & Optimize for GTM Efficiency  

Use FieldSpy to kickstart your next Salesforce clean up project! Analyze multiple objects at once to discover unused fields across your Org. Easily reduce the clutter from your page layouts and gain quick efficiencies for your GTM team.

Account view FieldSpy Salesforce app

Avoid Costly Cleanup Mistakes

Context is key when it comes to deleting fields inside your Salesforce Org. FieldSpy’s Insights feature helps you discover uncommon scenarios in which a field might be important to keep. Quickly identify references to automation in custom fields to avoid potential Salesforce breaks during your field clean-up.

Stop Feeling Constrained by Custom Field Limits

Salesforce sets object limits for things like custom fields, active validation rules and roll-up summaries. FieldSpy provides visibility into your capacity limits across all of your objects, making it easier to know when you need to start creating space.

field spy Salesforce object fields

Initiate Projects to Address Underutilized Fields

Just because a field has a low population percentage doesn’t mean it needs to be removed. Pair FieldSpy and Sonar to easily launch new initiatives to streamline how GTM teams collect and deliver critical business data in under utilized fields.

Leverage Sonar + FieldSpy for your next Salesforce cleanup project.