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From Myers-Briggs to Enneagram, personality tests are everywhere you turn. The obsession with uncovering our personality traits has grown so much the industry is now worth $2 billion (according to Forbes).

People around the globe are taking personality tests to understand themselves and others better. It’s also become a common practice in the workplace, with employers increasingly using them to understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

What does this have to do with RevOps?

To be successful in RevOps, you must navigate and work well with all types of personalities.

RevOps brings together three core go-to-market (GTM) teams — Marketing Operations (MOPs), Sales Operations (SOPs), and Customer Experience Operations (CX Ops). To effectively collaborate with your GTM teams, it can be helpful to understand the personality of the team and its team members:

Marketing Operations: the problem solvers

MOPs teams are the unseen force propelling the marketing team. They’re all about implementing the most efficient processes and using the right marketing technology to keep everything running smoothly.

They are constantly thinking of new ways to solve problems or inefficiencies. They identify manual, time-consuming tasks and replace them with automations. They take a data-driven approach, using reports and analytics to optimize their systems and processes.

LinkedIn contributor Patrick C. says these are the common personality traits that make a great MOPs professional:

  • Analytical. They’re in their element when crunching numbers. They know that success is possible when you have the right reports and analytics.
  • Logical. They are pros at using conditional logic, like if/then statements and boolean expressions. They effortlessly apply this method of thinking to problem-solving, overcoming any obstacle in their way.
  • Detail-oriented. Their daily mantra is it’s all about the details. They take a careful eye to all of their work, always double and triple checking for errors.
  • Go-getter. They are very motivated, continuously working to achieve the next big project or task. They’re deeply integrated with the other GTM teams, prioritizing collaboration, communication, and consensus above all else.

Sales Operations: the accelerators

SOPs teams are like the Energizer Bunny for the frontline sales team, helping them work quickly and close deals faster. They have a need for speed, with a laser focus on maximizing the efficiency of revenue generation. They take a strategic and tactical approach to ensure the sales team is firing on all cylinders.

They’re responsible for running all of the behind-the-scenes systems and processes that drive the sales team’s success. They manage the sales funnel, ensuring prospects flow through it smoothly. They identify areas where processes can perform better and offer solutions to fix the issues. They oversee the sales tech stack, keeping everything working properly.

According to InsightSquared, there are some defining personality traits common among SOPs all-stars. They tend to be:

  • Organized. They love to turn chaos into a peaceful, streamlined process. They take scattershot work and transform it into strategic, measurable actions.
  • Persuasive. They understand the power of words and the importance of group consensus. They’ve mastered the art of listening to others, finding solutions, and implementing new systems that serve the entire team.
  • Diplomatic. They think strategically and believe anything is possible when teams are aligned. They are the peacemakers, stepping in when there’s a conflict of interest to find the best solution.
  • Technical. They know their sales tech stack forwards and backward. They’re comfortable getting in the weeds of technical problems.

CX Ops: the connectors

CX Ops teams are the lifeline to customers. They help reduce churn and increase revenue by building genuine, long-lasting relationships with customers.

They take a people-centric approach, getting to know customers on a personal level to help solve specific needs or problems. They stay in constant communication with customers to understand expectations and purchasing decisions. They lead onboarding, guiding customers through the ins and outs of the product.

According to Squelch, there are four personality traits common among rockstar CX Ops team members:

  • Communicative. From emails to phone calls and Zoom meetings to Slack messages, they are always down to chat and hear what’s on your mind. Their superpower is communicating succinctly and clearly.
  • Patient. They understand that solving a client’s problem doesn’t always happen overnight. They’re willing to put in the time and effort to do things right. And, no matter what comes their way, they stay calm and focused on the client’s needs.
  • Willing to Learn. They’re naturally curious, taking opportunities to learn something every day. Whether it’s a new product feature or a new client, they invest the time into learning everything—even down to the little details.
  • Collaborative. They believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. They know when the right time is to pull in other GTM teams, and they work across functions easily.


By understanding the personalities of your GTM teams and their team members, you unlock new opportunities for better collaboration. Not only does that benefit you, but it also helps your entire org by breaking down the long-standing silos between your GTM teams.

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Sarah Bell is the Content Marketing Manager at Sonar, combining her love of storytelling with her expertise in digital communications. An Atlanta native, Sarah spends her time outside of work kayaking on the river, teaching her cat cool tricks, and creating way too many Spotify playlists.