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Passing your Salesforce Admin certification exam is no easy task. According to Salesforce’s Trailhead, the test requires you to have a complete understanding of how to customize your org, configure the platform, manage users, and get the most out of its features and capabilities.

While that may sound intimidating, investing the time into getting your certification is worth it. Not only does it showcase your expertise to your leadership team and colleagues, it can lead to invaluable career opportunities in the future.

At Sonar, many of our team members are Salesforce certified. To bring you tips for getting your certification from someone who’s been there, we spoke with Account Executive Jack Fraser, who recently got his Salesforce Admin certification:

Rely on the right resources. 

Having the right studying materials makes all the difference in your ability to prepare thoroughly for the exam. There are several free online resources to help you learn everything you need to know:


Get the inside scoop on the exam directly from the source itself, Salesforce. Join Trailhead to access online classes with tons of modules and practice exams. Designed to help you fully understand each concept, the classes allow you to build upon your knowledge as you progress through the modules.

Focus on Force

Study efficiently with Focus on Force’s thorough guides and put your knowledge to the test by taking their realistic practice exams. Focus on Force is the perfect resource to use alongside Trailhead to prepare comprehensively for the exam.

Salesforce 99

Salesforce 99 is packed with helpful materials, guiding you through every phase of studying with videos, study guides, flashcards, and checklists. They even help you navigate how to actually understand what you’re learning instead of just memorizing it with seven questions you can ask yourself to determine if you fully understand a feature or if you need to study it further.

Salesforce Ben

Salesforce pro Ben McCarthy is sharing all of his secrets to certification success through his blog Salesforce Ben. They offer a wealth of resources, from detailed guides to free practice exams.

Invest time in studying every day.

For many of us, college was full of all-nighters cramming for a big test the next day. While that may still be your default studying method, that approach won’t get you far when it comes to Salesforce certifications.

Instead, spread out your studying over a period of time. Learn a little more each day like you would if you were practicing a new language.

Plan out your studying timeline.

It’s vital to figure out your studying timeline upfront to give yourself the right amount of time to study. Your timeline could range from two weeks to three months depending on your experience level:

  • Brand new to Salesforce: 3+ months
  • Regular Salesforce user: 4-6 weeks
  • Well versed in Salesforce: ~2 weeks

Ultimately, you’ll know you’re ready to take the exam when you pass your practice tests consistently and easily.


Your Salesforce Admin certification is within reach! By using the resources available to you, setting aside time each day to study, and planning out your studying timeline, you’re on the right track to success.