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Getting your Salesforce Admin certification is no easy task. It requires you to be well versed in pretty much every aspect of Salesforce — from managing users to customizing the Sales Cloud and building reports to navigating security.

On the latest episode of shOPS Talk, Sonar CEO Brad Smith joined Mark Lail, Revenue Operations Lead at FullStory, and Samantha Riggs, Revenue Operations Specialist at Calendly, to discuss how to get your Salesforce Admin certification. 

Between the two of them, Mark and Sam are 15x Salesforce certified. Along their certification journeys, they’ve learned a lot about how to study efficiently, the best study resources, and how to prepare for exam day. In the webinar, they dive into everything they’ve learned, what you need to know to get certified, and why being certified is so critical to your career.

Learn more about their certification journeys and how you can start pursuing your own Salesforce certification by watching the recording:

Ready to take the plunge and get certified? We’ve got even more tips and tricks for you. Check out our blog post, How to Prepare for Your Salesforce Admin Certification Exam, to learn more about the best studying resources, how much time you need to prepare, and how to study efficiently.