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With Sonar, MURAL has modernized practices across its entire go-to-market organization. Now, the team can keep up with rapid growth while eliminating the risks of scaling their operations quickly by ensuring the health and integrity of current business critical processes.

  • Reduced systems ramp time by 100% (from 90 days to essentially 0)
  • Saved $10k+ in consulting fees in the first 90 days
  • Accelerated key projects by at least 90 days
  • Able to reallocate over 4,000 opportunities without anxiety about impacting ARR

“I don’t want to walk into a Salesforce org without Sonar.” — Keith Jones, RevOps Manager of MURAL


The Problem

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration that helps product, consulting, leadership, sales, and customer success teams imagine together from anywhere to solve hard problems and innovate faster. As organizations everywhere shifted to remote work, MURAL was able to quickly adapt its go-to-market model, resulting in rapid growth in a short period of time. This led it to quickly outgrow the deal management processes within the technology stack.

MURAL has many cross-functional departments, a variety of go-to-market strategies and monetization models, and a complex approach to managing and growing accounts. Making changes to the GTM tech stack could risk revenue loss and churn due to poor data visibility. In order to scale their marketing, sales, and customer success operations, the team needed to implement significant change management projects to overhaul critical systems.

Solving these issues wouldn’t just reduce risk. It would also address key business activities that the team was actively outgrowing due to their fast pace of growth:

  • Legacy billing practices that slowed down time-to-cash (such as manually checking invoices)
  • Poor lead-to-account mapping that made it difficult to track the buyer journey and revenue (and had downstream risks to account management)
  • Account hierarchy issues in Salesforce that made it difficult for sales and client success to understand the revenue and buying groups within each account

The team relied on systems consultants, and while they maintained internal documentation to support how internal stakeholders used Salesforce, they lacked systems to automatically capture the constant technical process changes implemented by their administrators. As a result, the RevOps team was barely able to stay above water managing their existing workload. They weren’t able to implement a strategy around why they were building specific processes and how these would scale as the company grew and its monetization strategies evolved.

Without automated internal documentation owned by MURAL, the external consultant had become a single point of failure for all of their critical systems. There was no reliable, dependable source to understand how things were programmed or updated in Salesforce, creating a vulnerability for any growing organization.

The Solution

MURAL’s RevOps team had to reverse-engineer everything that was previously built to ensure their change management projects didn’t break the critical processes that the go-to-market teams rely on. RevOps Manager Keith Jones had an uphill battle ahead of him: Trying to reverse-engineer what someone else has built is an incredibly challenging task, but it’s much less challenging with Sonar.”

Keith was hired to build an in-house tools team within MURAL’s revenue operations organization to remove system roadblocks. He needed to ramp up quickly so the change management projects could get underway, and “the best way for me to do that was to see what the users were actually doing, and then go into Sonar and see how all of the data is referenced. It allowed me to operate wisely in a world with zero GTM documentation,” he says. “Sonar was critical in helping me understand what was added to the Salesforce org and how it was designed.”

Having Sonar offered immediate time savings as well. Keith started at MURAL in late August, and by the first week of November he had completed the first major migration overhauling the entire opportunity object. He completed a massive migration in the time it typically takes someone to ramp up in an operations role. “My ramp time was reduced from 90 days to 0… [it] was reduced by 100%.”

With Sonar, Keith is able to walk into projects and feel completely equipped to make key strategic decisions, instead of having to rely on countless Zoom calls with external consultants. He went into the project with a technical scope he created on his own and handed over to the consultants to help execute. The result? MURAL was able to save at least $10k in consulting fees.