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Don’t Sink The Ship.

Having an integrated Salesforce tech stack that is successfully producing results for your GTM team is the north star for any Ops team. 

But, to achieve this you’ll likely have to navigate some pretty rough waters.

See Why Leading Ops Teams Rely on Sonar

Broken validation rules and flows, not having process documentation, and poorly architected Salesforce integrations. These are just a few of the hurdles that may be hindering your team’s productivity, customer experience, or worse– impacting revenue.

Sonar visualizes the interconnectivity and automations that keep your integrated Salesforce tech stack running; we provide real-time change tracking to catch breaks that could derail your sales Org; and, our platform offers an automated data dictionary so Ops teams are always operating in the know.

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We're not the only ones keeping Salesforce tech stacks afloat. Meet Our Partners:

UserGems is a software that helps companies boost pipeline and reduce churn by monitoring job changes of your most valuable buyers and automating the next steps. Companies like Mimecast, UserTesting, Segment, Lattice see more than 15X ROI in closed won revenue from UserGems. Book a demo and receive a $105 Visa gift card.

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Nue is an easy-to-manage, omni-channel RevOps platform designed to help modern businesses manage their customer revenue lifecycles end-to-end, and accelerate go-to-market. With Nue, RevOps teams accelerate sales with innovative pricing models, streamline PLG and direct sales, help sales and CX easily manage quotes to orders to renewals to billing – all the while delivering accurate analytics to Finance. Land, expand, accelerate with Nue.

Attend our #shOPStalk LIVE at Dreamforce.

SEPT 12  |  1:00-2:00PM PT

Navigating the 7 “C’s” to Keep Your Salesforce Tech Stack Afloat

Join this powerhouse panel as we discuss 7 key concepts for keeping your tech stack afloat and effectively managing Salesforce to support your GTM team.

SEPT 13  |  2:00-3:00PM PT

State of Salesforce 2024: The Top Trends and Topics Coming Out of Dreamforce

We’re joining forces with Salesforce Ben to unpack the latest and greatest Dreamforce announcements and the 2023 IBM State of Salesforce Report!