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Advanced Security & Monitoring for Your Salesforce Tech Stack

For organizations centralizing customer data in Salesforce, Integration Navigator is your compass, offering real-time visibility, control, and security across your integration network.

Discover vital data flows, instantly detect application access, and effectively address security and compliance risks.

CRM Data Security Doesn't Just Stop at Salesforce

Integration Navigator supercharges Salesforce Event Monitoring, delivering observability, monitoring, and security across all Salesforce-integrated systems. With  rapidly expanding tech stacks, understanding data flow behavior is crucial for data security, customer privacy, and ensuring uninterrupted key business processes.

Don't allow integrated systems to create security risks by leaking sensitive data.

Salesforce data privacy and governance has moved to the forefront of priorities for businesses. Business Systems owners have found themselves faced with this unique set of  challenges at the intersection of operations and information security.

Sensitive data is constantly at risk

Businesses can’t afford to have blind spots to where sensitive and confidential data might be accessed, processed, or exported by unauthorized personnel.

Systems ownership is siloed and distributed

New Salesforce integrations are introduced daily, and systems ownership has become more siloed. It’s critical that InfoSec and Operations teams have automatic, real-time visibility into their entire Salesforce ecosystem to understand exactly where their data is going.

Access changes happen silently

Integration changes are detected after considerable damage has already occurred. Business systems owners are reactively addressing issues rather than automating monitoring to ensure that PII and business critical data isn’t compromised.

The Ultimate Control Center for Your Integrated Salesforce Tech Stack

Get access to the ultimate control center for your integrated Salesforce tech stack. Sonar’s Integration Navigator provides Systems, IT and Operations teams with observability software to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the productivity of your GTM teams.