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6 Months in Review: The New Problems Ops Teams are Solving With Sonar

Check out some of the common and not so common problems Ops teams are solving using Sonar!

The last six months at Sonar have been full of big updates for ops teams. You can now bridge the gap between your ops and marketing teams with our new Pardot integration. And you can get daily Slack updates on what’s changed in your Salesforce org.

But the best part? The list of ways you can use Sonar to tackle your challenges is growing fast. Take it from LendingTree’s team of Salesforce Admins, who cleaned up nearly two decades of tech debt with Sonar’s Blueprint and Tags. Or Flock Safety, which bridged knowledge gaps across its go-to-market teams with Sonar for Pardot.

Tune in to the webinar, as Sonar’s Value Engineer Sam Floyd shares how leading ops teams use Sonar to navigate to success and what you need to know about our latest updates.

What you’ll learn:
–  The challenges other ops teams are tackling with Sonar
–  What Sonar’s latest releases mean for you and your team
–  The problems Sonar now helps you solve

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