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How Data Dictionaries Create Transparency & Drive Revenue Efficiencies For Your Org

With more data being consumed across GTM teams than ever before, Ops leaders are facing increased pressure to ensure their Salesforce metadata is being documented and managed properly. While most teams know they need to do this, documentation is often deprioritized and falls to the wayside, opening up security and compliance gaps for organizations. 

In this Webinar, Sonar’s founders Brad Smith and Jack Mcglinchey share how Data Dictionaries are providing data transparency across departments and driving efficiencies that can fuel future revenue growth. 

In this discussion we will cover why Data Dictionaries are critical to:  

  • Build cross-department data literacy. Document, define and provide visibility to reduce the need for emails, slacks and other distractions for SFDC owners
  • Reduce organization tech debt across dispersed systems referencing customer and prospect data
  • Ensure accuracy in reporting so stakeholders can make informed decisions faster.

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