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Measuring RevOps – The KPIs Within Your Control

With more scrutiny than ever on resources and outcomes, measuring KPIs is a necessity for Ops teams moving forward. Snag this on-demand webinar now– this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

RevOps supports departments like sales, marketing and customer success who already have clearly defined KPIs – yet RevOps has never really had their own set of success metrics. Since Ops teams don’t hold a quota or solely create their own pipeline, their work is often measured on outcomes or projects completed.

The problem with this comes down to one question: How do you know if your RevOps team is being as effective as it can be? The answer? You don’t.

That’s why in this webinar, Sonar’s Co-Founder and CEO, Brad Smith is sitting down with industry leaders, Mallory Lee, VP of Operations at Nylas and Darren Fay, Dir. of Revenue Operations & Intelligence at Instructure, to discuss RevOps KPIs. Inside you’ll learn:

– Why measuring RevOps KPIs is important (for both the employee, and the business)
– The top KPIs Ops leaders should be measuring
– Which tools to use to track RevOps metrics
– How to utilize RevOps KPIs to communicate needs to the C-Suite

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