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The Ops Journey: From Rookie to All-Star Status

Join this on-demand Webinar as we sit down with GTM Ops leaders to discuss real-life examples of how they went from RevOps rookie to RevOps All-Star.

Growth… It’s what Ops pros really care about.

In fact, we recently found that lack of career progression was the leading cause for these industry pros leaving their current roles to pursue new opportunities (nearly 20%)!

With RevOps being one of the fastest growing careers, how can companies retain top talent and how can up-and-coming Ops leaders sharpen their skills to stay competitive?

In May 2023, hundreds of C-suite professionals participated in Sonar’s GTM Ops Appreciation Award where they nominated the most deserving Operations Professionals to be recognized. 10 incredible leaders won and it got us thinking… What did these folks do right along the way?

In this webinar, we picked a few of the winners brain’s to find out. Join us as we sit down with GTM Ops Appreciation Award recipients Shawn Killpack, Vice President of Revenue Strategy at TalkDesk, Stephanie Armand, Head of Revenue Operations at Shipwell and Kara Cedrone, Director of GTM Operations at Maxwell Financial Labs to hear how they went from RevOps rookie to RevOps All-Star.

If you’re searching for a little inspiration on how to take your RevOps career to the next level, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

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