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a Salesforce
Dumpster Fire

Learn how to extinguish the flames of a messy Org in 90 days or less + find out how to maintain it for long-term success.

Inside this guide, you'll learn:

Tell-tale signs: How to identify you have a Salesforce dumpster fire
Where to start: 5 areas to develop and manage your cleanup
Step-by-step guide: How to maintain your Org after your clean up
Must-have tools: Top tools for cleaning your org smarter, not harder
Key resources: Communities and Salesforce resources you need to keep in your toolkit
The stories: Ops leaders share their own personal dumpster fire stories

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Dumpster Fire Stories from the Pros

Keith Jones

"Endless Loop of Account Reassignments"

In an attempt to program a hand-off of ownership on accounts between users with a combination of process builder & distribution engine, I inadvertently created a loop where the system was assigning and reassigning records between the SDRs and BDRs over and over again.

It. Broke. Everything.

Oh and the best part. In my hubris and overconfidence that what I had built was going to work, I activated the process and fucked off to lunch. It was while I was away from my laptop when I got the text message that accounts were just looping through SDR assignments endlessly.

It was a great day.