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With Sonar’s Change Intelligence platform, Branch has been able to recognize: 

  • Faster Onboarding Ramp Times: Branch has been able to reduce time spent onboarding new admins, allowing them to execute tasks 33% faster.
  • Increased Team Efficiency – Branch saw a lift of 24% when it came to tasks completed across their team while using Sonar.
  • Strategic Work Focus – Branch now saves 8+ hours per week by reducing tedious back and forth questions and enabling teams to work projects from start to finish, vs flip-flopping between incomplete tasks.

About Branch

Branch is a mobile measurement and deep linking platform, helping acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms. They’ve connected with over 1,300 tech partners, and have over three billion monthly users across the globe. 

The Problem

In 2022, Branch hit a company milestone, raising $300 million in Series F funding, with a valuation of $4 billion. Similar to other companies who are in comparable growth phases, Branch was rapidly scaling their use of Salesforce across the company, however their Business Systems  team was struggling to keep pace with the new surge of incoming work. Tim Chingos, Sr. Director of Business Operations, found himself looking for ways to provide efficiencies across his team to maximize their work and output.

As a long tenured employee, Tim found that institutional knowledge was oftentimes bottled up with him, causing speed bumps for his Salesforce admins to proactively make changes across their Salesforce instance. 

“As a manager with limited resources, it’s extremely important for me to find efficiencies within my team’s processes to enable them to do more with less,“ he said. “For me, it’s all about setting new team members up for success so they can truly understand our Salesforce instance and be able to work faster and make more informed decisions independently.”  

Branch’s Salesforce Admin, Ashley DeMattia, recently joined the team and also found herself needing a solution that could easily show documented changes within their Salesforce org. The ability to troubleshoot as needed and have an audit trail to quickly find what caused a break was extremely important to both her, and the team. 

“As an admin, it’s helpful to have a place where you can go and teach yourself. The timesaving factor is really big with Sonar. As I look to hire a new Salesforce admin on my team, it’s going to be a big part of their onboarding,” she said. “This will be helpful for them to see all the inner-workings and save some time in ramping them up.”

The Solution

In order to better help Branch’s Business Systems team keep pace with Branch’s growth and increased workload, they realized they needed to bring in a Change Intelligence platform to find efficiencies within their current and future processes.

After using Sonar for 2 months, Branch’s team now has a single source of truth enabling their team to break down silos across other departments and protect critical processes that keep the business running.

Tim has been able to recognize faster onboarding ramp times for new employees (33% lift), an increase in tasks completed across his team (24% more) and a renewed focus on strategic work vs tactical work. On the flip side, Branch’s Salesforce admin, Ashley has been able to optimize her time and prioritize projects that can really make a greater impact on the business. 

With the ability to now easily communicate project timelines and completion dates with key stakeholders, she’s improving internal collaboration and preventing roadblocks between the teams.

“Sonar allows me to easily show stakeholders what a field does and what automation it’s tied to,” Ashley said. “Then I can tell them if the change they request will be an easy one or if there are other considerations to make.” 

With the strategic and tactical benefits Sonar brings to the table, both Tim and Ashley are able to work in-sync and more proactively prioritize high value work.

“Sonar empowers my admins and developers to better understand a seven-year-old Salesforce instance with many upstream and downstream implications,” Tim said. “They’re able to work more quickly, execute more flawlessly, and ultimately get more work done, so we can deliver value and move our business forward.”

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