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RevOps has expanded to companies worldwide. Yet it’s gone unnoticed by academia — until now. 

Oli Mottola di Amato, Wizards of Ops community member and Sr. Manager of RevOps at Pex, has achieved a significant milestone for the ops community. He’s written the first thesis on RevOps. 

In the thesis, Oli explores the meaning of revenue operations, how it applies to companies, what it means for go-to-market teams, and the barriers to adoption. 

Read Oli’s thesis to learn:

  • The definition of RevOps
  • How organizations can implement RevOps principles to ensure greater cross-functional integration
  • The challenges organizations face when implementing RevOps and how to measure successful implementation
  • If RevOps represents a new construct and a departure from go-to-market teams
  • The measurable benefits from the adoption of RevOps

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