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The common saying, “good things take time” is true for many aspects of life. Graduating school, working your way up in your job–many of the most rewarding things require an investment of time and patience. But it shouldn’t have to be that way for everything, especially when building out your tech stack.

Integrating new tech into your stack is often a time-consuming process that can take anywhere from weeks to months. And in the fast-paced, high-growth environment ops teams work in, having the time to properly ramp new tech and roll it out successfully to go-to-market functions is challenging to say the least. Not to mention, if the tech is difficult to navigate and incorporate into a daily work routine, all of that time and effort can ultimately lead to low adoption rates.

Ramping new tech doesn’t have to be so challenging.

Sonar wants to eliminate those ramp barriers for ops teams so you have an easy, fast process with a seamless rollout. And our dedication to saving you time and stress is paying off.

We are thrilled to share that G2 is honoring us with:

What makes Sonar’s ramp process so easy?

Take a look at what our customers have to say on G2:

“Whether for new hires or seasoned Salesforce employees, Sonar is an excellent tool to increase the “operational ramp” of your RevOps / SalesOps / Marketing Ops / Salesforce team. It is an intuitive, powerful tool for anyone looking to better understand their SFDC instance.”

– Manas K.

“Tasks that would take us a couple of hours, now take us just a couple of minutes […] Sonar is super easy to use, and there is no need to have a super long training session to know how to use the tool.”

“First and foremost, Sonar helped me ramp up faster in a new Salesforce org and be able to see what automations are connected where. Now, whenever I make changes, I can do so confidently by being able to see the downstream effects of those changes quickly.”

– Andy H.

And we’re not stopping there.

G2 also named us a leader in these categories:

Let’s make good things happen together, faster. Try Sonar for free to see all of the benefits we can bring to your ops team.