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Every company says their customers are their number one priority, but why is it that we’ve all had bad experiences when we’re playing the role of the customer? The truth is, customers have little to no knowledge of your internal operations, but they have a crystal clear understanding of what it’s like to work with your product and communicate with your company.

In the SaaS world, exceptional customer experience is vital to building a great company. The secret to making their experience not only good but great is Revenue Operations. Whether you are looking to improve your product or your customer communications, RevOps is the team you should turn to.

Yeah, you probably didn’t expect that. I’m sure some of the first things that came to mind are product innovation or targeted marketing. Of course, all of those are important. And, you can bet that every one of your competitors is focused on those pillars too. However, RevOps likely didn’t cross your mind, and you might not even understand what it actually is.

You might ask yourself – why would internal operations impact my customer experience? Well, it makes a significant difference, and if you aren’t thinking about it, you need to.

Let’s put it in perspective. A prospect comes to your website and signs up for a free trial of your product. A month later, they log a support ticket because a feature isn’t working the way they expected. Simultaneously, your marketers or sellers identify the same customer as a great fit for an additional product that is part of your portfolio.

Sirens start to go off for folks in RevOps. NOOOOOO! Don’t sell or market to that customer today. They just logged a support ticket. Let’s sort that out, make sure they’re happy, and then reach out.

Remember, timing is everything. You would never ask your boss for a raise the same day the company missed sales targets by 50%.

Your front-line teams all need visibility and access to a 360-view of the customer. This enables you to create a great experience. If your teams use disparate systems for marketing automation, customer relationship management, and ticketing, integrate them or migrate everyone onto the same platform. If your data is not reliable, make a concerted effort to clean it. If your teams won’t work together, build a bridge and create processes that incent them to work cohesively. These are the kinds of challenges RevOps leaders solve.

Let’s walk through another example. Your largest clients regularly share feedback with their Customer Success Managers stating that a new product is missing the mark. The problem to solve is X, and you aren’t quite there. It’s 100% possible to get there, but it’s not happening.

You’re losing ground to one of your competitors, and your product team is bending over backward to improve the latest release. However, there is little to no quantitative data from your customers. It’s all he said-she said qualitative feedback.

Your front-line teams need a way to bubble up customer feedback automatically and share it with the right folks. If you’re not leveraging a Revenue Intelligence platform and piping that data back into your CRM, you are missing out. Your product marketers will eat up this data, and your product will improve because of it! It all goes back to creating an open and connected operational framework that removes data silos and provides visibility for all.

So, let’s return to the question we began with: what is RevOps? Think of us as your company’s Wizard of Oz. We are the team behind the curtain. RevOps helps improve your company’s interactions with all groups in your organization – Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Support. We take a step back and ask, how can we leverage data, insights, tools, and automation to make every interaction with a customer the best possible? How can we flawlessly get everyone working together in harmony with a clear view of each interaction the customer has with your business?

Not only that, but by investing in RevOps and Business Intelligence (BI), you create the power couple that takes over the world. If you haven’t done research on BI, you need to jump on that too!

The team at CallRail recognized this challenge in 2019 and made an investment in RevOps and BI. We’re committed to creating the best possible experience for our customers today, tomorrow, and forever.


Lauren Sanborn is an Advisor at Sonar and the Director of RevOps at CallRail. She is a dynamic ops leader with expertise in digital transformation, marketing technology, executive communications, analyst relations, agile program management, account management, and consulting. Lauren has worked with major corporations and fast-paced startups, including IBM, The Home Depot, VMware, and AirWatch. In her free time, Lauren enjoys trips to the beach with her family.