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Unify sales and marketing and build bridges across your go-to-market teams with Sonar.

Salesforce powers the most important workflows across teams, making it possible to drive marketing, sales, CX, and financial ops from a single hub. But while Salesforce is the most relied upon platform for your company, it also creates the most dependencies.

The relationship between a CRM and marketing automation is one of the most critical parts of a tech stack. And with marketing and sales often working in siloes, their teams run in separate directions toward the same goals. This disconnect makes it hard to build and maintain processes that increase visibility across both functions and their systems. That’s why we’re excited to announce Sonar is redefining how Change Intelligence platforms help you break through your teams’ siloes. With Sonar for Pardot and Salesforce, cross-functional teams will be able to collaborate on changes and build processes to bridge departments.

Align your sales and marketing teams with Sonar for Pardot.

Every change you make in Salesforce and Pardot can have ripple effects across your go-to-market teams. With Sonar for Pardot, you can visualize the impacts your change will have on every team–before you make it. By seeing how changes affect both systems, you can finally work together to meet revenue goals guided by a shared understanding of the processes and reporting that can help you get there.

With Sonar for Pardot, you can:

  • Easily view relationships between Salesforce and Pardot fields and understand their directionality
  • See how Pardot fields impact automation in Salesforce when making a change in Pardot
  • Quickly identify how forms, automation rules, emails, email templates, landing pages, lists, completion actions, page actions, and profiles relate to each other
  • Have a single platform where all of your operations teams can work together and view the technical context of each system

Achieve better outcomes with Sonar for Pardot and Salesforce.

Read on to find out what this will mean for your team.

Operations and Systems 

Eliminate the challenges that keep sales and marketing teams from working in sync. By seeing the dependencies and gaps across Salesforce and Pardot, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Align sales and marketing reporting, creating a clear picture of the buyer journey
  • Ensure Pardot changes never override Salesforce, and Salesforce changes never override Pardot
  • Improve critical processes, like lead form submission and lead routing

Salesforce Admins

Easily communicate with marketing to make sure your changes never break Pardot, and marketing’s updates never affect your work. By understanding the potential impacts of every change, you’ll be able to:

  • Help your Pardot admins clearly define the scope of required changes in Salesforce without needing admin access to your systems
  • Collaborate with marketing on changes that impact both Salesforce and Pardot
  • Better understand how Pardot is built, so you can create Salesforce processes that improve how your systems work together


Consistent, in-depth reporting across marketing and sales benefits the entire business. But, it isn’t easy to achieve when your systems and teams are working from different perspectives. With Sonar:

  • Your sales and marketing teams can build high-converting processes, like lead nurture, lead scoring, and attribution
  • Operations teams can fill data gaps to create better reports and dashboards across the customer lifecycle
  • Sales and marketing can move in the same direction with shared data and knowledge


You often lose a line of sight on marketing-generated leads once they cross over to sales. And losing those leads means you can’t take action to drive better conversions. With Sonar, you’ll be able to:

  • Make sure your campaigns, forms, emails, and more fire correctly and flow to sales
  • Create a shared vision of marketing’s impact on the sales pipeline and revenue
  • Ensure Pardot fields are never overwritten by Salesforce

How do I get started?

Be first on the list to see Sonar for Pardot. Contact us to find out how Sonar can support your Salesforce and Pardot orgs and see it for yourself in under one hour.


Mitchell Blanchard is a Product Manager at Sonar, as well as a former RevOps practitioner & consultant, with a passion for creatively solving operational challenges. In his spare time, you can find him exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing (or watching) any sport you can think of.