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The UPS-owned technology company needed a better way to run their business through Salesforce.

Founded by UPS in 2018, Ware2Go is a tech company that was created to simplify the end-to-end supply chain across sales channels with the end goal of enabling companies of all sizes to compete and grow. The company offers a flexible business model that eliminates long-term contracts and order minimums, plus a nationwide network of certified warehouses that their clients can take advantage of.

As a relatively new venture, Ware2Go is poised for growth. Director of Sales & Marketing Operations Andy Hopkins knew the company needed a way to streamline the management of its robust tech stack across teams as the company prepares to scale. Here’s what happened after implementing Sonar.

“Sonar gives me the ability to find areas that may be causing issues and address them quickly and in real-time” Andy Hopkins, Director of Sales & Marketing Operations, Ware2Go



With just over 100 employees, Ware2Go has about 77 of them working within Salesforce that come from the sales, customer success, strategy, warehouse operations, product/engineering, finance, and marketing teams.

“Siloed departments made it challenging to manage the tech stack across teams and with all of the moving parts,” Hopkins explained.

In addition, Hopkins is currently the only Salesforce admin, which comes with its own set of challenges.

“There’s only one of me,” he said. “One person is a Salesforce admin, so when it comes to daily operational stuff, like the speed of our business growth, we need to be able to move fast.”


Sonar was able to function as an operational efficiency tool for Hopkins when it came to managing the tech stack across siloed teams, saving time and simplifying the workload.

“Speed and efficiency were the biggest things Sonar improved within our processes,” shared Hopkins. “When I get a request from our customer success team, I no longer have to fumble through the back end or try to remember what a certain process or workflow was called.”

In terms of automation, Sonar also provided a degree of flexibility and speed to find and address issues in real-time. “Rather than taking a whole lot of time to find the issue, Sonar allows you to fix it right then and there,” said Hopkins.

“Sonar has built a tool that is super valuable. They have really done a good job of getting user and market feedback for their roadmap, so they’ve built not just what they think people want, but what they need.” Andy Hopkins, Sales & Marketing Operations, Ware2Go


  • Sonar remarkably improved speed and efficiency for Ware2Go operations.
  • Hopkins saves approximately 6-8 hours per week thanks to Sonar.
  • With Sonar, documentation is now fully automated.


As Ware2Go continues to grow and scale, Hopkins looks to continue to improve and fine-tune their processes and efficiency across the board.

“The company is in year two, so they are still growing and scaling,” Hopkins said. “My goal is to continue building out the processes we haven’t quite gotten right and to really plan for scale.”

Want to find out if Sonar can improve speed and efficiency when it comes to your workflow, too? Request a demo and see how Sonar can work for you.