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You’ve felt the shift, and we have, too: digital transformation is accelerating, and on top of that, ops teams are growing and becoming increasingly distributed. These trends put a positive spotlight on your role and your impact, but they also create a ton of added complication that risks data integrity and slows you down.

Managing a constantly evolving body of data makes it impossible to know how everything works together. The more your team tries to divide and conquer, the messier things become. Fields break and it’s hard to identify the process builders or automations impacted, delaying projects while you search for answers.

Sonar: Mission control for your entire ops team.

Our newest release gives you x-ray vision for your tech stack, exposing how your data is used, when it changes, and how it’s working. The result? You execute every change quickly and with total confidence.

What’s new in our Winter Release?

  • Potential Issues Alerts
    Don’t let silent breakages slow you down. Protect data quality and reduce reactive work with on-demand alerts when your processes break.
  • Change Tracking Dashboard
    Visualize the impact of your team. Improve cross-team collaboration and stop the cycles of technical debt by seeing every change made across your org, every day.
  • Sonar Chrome Extension
    We’ve got your back! Get insights quickly and confidently to execute everyday changes without ever leaving the Salesforce admin panel.

Why we’re excited.

Sonar goes beyond giving you confidence in your data. You now have the visibility to see what’s actually happening every day. Our newest features change how you execute projects, giving you the intelligence you need every step of the way. View your change reports in the morning, double-check your blueprint as you execute, and confirm everything works in real-time so you gain complete trust in yourself and get more done, fast.

No surprises, no headaches. Just more successful projects and easier release cycles.

Potential Issues Alerts

You can finally stop agonizing over changes to your tech stack. On-demand alerts for broken automations help you diagnose and resolve errors immediately so they never lead to data loss.

We help you automatically discover when something breaks. Even better—we’re showing you exactly why something isn’t working, so you tackle reactive work faster, leaving anxiety and frustrations at the door.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Never second guess your changes so you increase confidence in your data and your projects.
  • Gain a safety net for every change so you work with agility and don’t have to over-think your next move.
  • Create accountability across your entire team so you don’t break each others’ work.

Change Tracking Dashboards

As your team grows, you need visibility over everyone’s work to stay agile and keep from stepping on each others’ toes. Sonar now shows you every time something is added, removed, or modified, so you don’t ever have to sideline your most important projects to update documentation or manually communicate updates across your team.

Change tracking keeps everyone moving in the same direction by showing you exactly what changed and when so have total clarity on your evolving tech stack. It grows everyone’s collective intelligence of your shared Salesforce org, keeping you up to date so you can become even more agile.

change tracking dashboard

Why you’ll love it:

  • Surface potential future issues before they happen so you can revise your work before something breaks.
  • Help everyone work more successfully by creating a living, shared understanding of your Salesforce org.
  • Quantify the impact of your team and show exactly what you accomplished.

Sonar Chrome Extension

The Sonar Chrome extension shows you the impact of changes to your Salesforce org without disrupting your workflow. You have all of the insights you need in one place, right inside Salesforce, to guide every single change throughout your day.

Click on any value in the admin panel to see how (and where) your data is used. The Chrome extension lets you navigate directly to Sonar for immediate access to the in-depth insights that you need to scope the full impact of your changes.

After you make changes to Salesforce, sync with Sonar directly from the Chrome extension so your data blueprint (and change tracking timeline!) are updated in real time, and you can be absolutely confident that there are no potential issues.

chrome extension

Why you’ll love it:

  • Get the answers you need immediately so you save time with every change.
  • See dependencies before you make a change so you don’t risk breaking your automations.
  • Investigate fields while they’re top of mind and add tags in Sonar to improve future projects.