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Data Dictionary Software that Documents Your Salesforce Metadata

Don’t get caught manually capturing and documenting changes in your most critical business system. Instead, Sonar’s data dictionary software helps you:

  • Automatically capture changes across your Salesforce Org
  • Elevate Salesforce data governance
  • Safeguard your business’ intellectual property

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Say Goodbye to Outdated Spreadsheets

Avoid defining Salesforce metadata or maintaining process documentation in outdated spreadsheets. Instead, let Sonar update your data in real-time so you’ve always got the most up-to-date CRM glossary.

Elevate Salesforce Data Governance

Knowing where your Salesforce data is being accessed is critically important when it comes to security. Sonar’s data dictionary software can document data sensitivity levels, classifying where PII may be stored and even where it’s being accessed across your tech stack.

Salesforce Routing Process - Sonar Change Management Software

Keep Intellectual Property

Business doesn’t slow down when churn inevitably occurs. Safeguard your intellectual property and ramp new hires faster with an up to date Salesforce data dictionary.

"Data Dictionary is one of the strongest features ever launched by Sonar. I can say it's saving our team huge amounts of manual effort and time. Previously, we were using 6-7 resources to manually maintain our Data Dictionary. Now, the process is completely automated. Sonar, thank you for the huge win!

Pravin Kudale, GTM SystemsManager at 6Sense