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The Unsung Heroes Behind Every Successful Sales Organization

Ops leaders are the ones working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your Sales, Customer Success and Marketing teams have the tools they need to successfully drive revenue.

They are the ones responsible for implementing and operating the technologies across your GTM systems that create a seamless, end-to-end customer experience.

They are your Sales, Marketing and Revenue Operations leaders.

Ops Appreciation Day

A World without Ops

Now the most in-demand job across the United States, it’s more critical than ever that business leaders are investing in their Operations teams and showing their appreciation. 

After all, what would it be like doing your job without them? Here’s a preview:

Could you imagine you or your sales team having to solely manage Salesforce?

Without Ops, AEs and SDRs would likely revert back to managing their pipeline from excel spreadsheets. Speed to lead and conversion rates would plummet. Not to mention the inaccurate forecasting reports you’d be forced to share with your exec team and board.

Sales cadences cease to exist.

Sales enablement, insights and automations from integrated platforms like Salesloft,, and Gong just aren’t possible without Ops. Who would create the cadences and architect the workflow rules to sync your sales activity back to Salesforce? Or, generate the reports across platforms to showcase rep performance?

Marketing Pipeline Debacles.

While your marketing leaders could get some of this done, without Ops critical processes across your marketing tech stack like data segmentation & enrichment, lead scoring, buyer journey mapping and lead routing would be a heavy lift and progress would be slowed.

Customer success vs. Customer survival.

Without Ops, no one is left to run the technology needed to automate customer onboarding experience or streamline customer support. Customer Success and Revenue leaderships would live in constant fear as retention rates take a nosedive.

Inaccurate Reports to Run Your Business.

Without someone to manage Salesforce data across your GTM teams, reporting would be impossible, leaving you to piece together numbers to present to your exec team and board. Inaccuracy would lead to not only your credibility being lost, but the business being run in the wrong direction due to incorrect data.

Sure. This feels a bit extreme but you get the picture.

Your Sales, Marketing and Revenue Operations teams are there to elevate the end-to-end customer journey and guarantee you shine as the most successful Sales or Marketing Chief your company has ever seen.

Let’s Celebrate Best-in-Class Ops Leaders

Wizard of Ops recently conducted a 2022 Ops Compensation Survey and found that while 12% of Ops leaders change companies due to salary – career growth, work environment and company culture accounted for an astonishing 60% of Ops churn.

Sonar is on a mission to help businesses retain their top talent. We want to highlight these outstanding individuals, celebrate their successes and normalize the need for business leaders to invest in tools to keep them thriving. But we can’t do it alone.

May 15th is Officially GTM Operations Appreciation Day

That’s why we coined May 15th as GTM Operations Appreciation Day. We are calling on Revenue and Marketing leaders from around the globe to share stories on what makes their GTM Ops leaders best-in-class and provide advice to others on how they can lean in to support these unsung heroes.

Mark your calendars and submit your nominations today for GTM Ops Leader of the Year – recognition given to those who have gone above and beyond to deliver projects that ensure the success of their sales and marketing teams and drive revenue growth for their businesses.


Sonar Helps Your Operations Team Shine

Salesforce’s 2022 State of Sales report found that Sales teams are using an average of 10 tools to close a deal. And at the center of them all still stands Salesforce – your most critical business system.

As executive leaders are relying on Salesforce data to make business critical decisions, it’s more important than ever to ensure your CRM system is accurate, well-documented and secure.

Sonar gives operations and business systems leaders peace of mind by providing a:

Blueprint of Salesforce

providing transparency into the interconnectivity and automations that keep your CRM running so your Ops teams avoid unintended breaks.

Dynamic Data Dictionary

instantly capturing changes across your Salesforce org and providing a framework for generating documentation required for security audits and M&A activity.

Change Timelines

offering a historical view into the before-state of every change across Ops teams so if something does break, they can quickly investigate why.

Wizard of Ops 

an exclusive Slack community of 5,000+ Ops professionals where members can go to troubleshoot or get real-time, peer-to-peer advice.

Give your Ops team the visibility and resources they need to work efficiently, avoid breaks and keep your GTM teams operating smoothly.

Interested in learning how Sonar can help your team succeed? Schedule a demo on their behalf today.