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Integration Mapping & Configuration Changes

Manage and monitor field level access across integrations.


Misconfigurations are compromising your Salesforce security.

With 99% of cloud breaches through 2025 having a root cause of preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end users, it’s become critical for both Systems & Security teams to pay attention to the mapping and access of their Salesforce integrations.

Get real-time detection of access changes impacting your system.

With Sonar Pulse, Owners and Stakeholders have complete oversight into their integrated system configurations. And with proactive alerts being sent in near real-time, you never have to worry about an unexpected change to field level mapping compromising your Salesforce integration or security again.

Detected Access Changes

Filter access change logs to see when a field-level mapping change allows your integration read or update access using Salesforce data.

Detect when an integration user is added or updated to your known integration sync settings.

Easily export change logs that can be included in Salesforce incident reports when a security risk is identified.

Visual Object & Field Level Diagram

Sonar Pulse provides a visual diagram of the objects and fields being accessed by your integration.

Easily understand if your Salesforce integration has read access only or if it’s being populated with Salesforce data.

Quickly navigate to your Salesforce Data Dictionary to understand additional context on the fields and objects being referenced.

Integration Blueprint

For newly detected applications, click “Monitor App” to include it in your known applications list.

Leverage Sonar’s Integration Blueprint to document the integration user, business need and stakeholder details.

Details regarding Integrated App access and where they are referenced is automatically included as part of your Data Dictionary and metadata blueprint.

Trusted by Security-Focused Salesforce Teams

Elevate Your Salesforce Data Security

Get access to the leading data loss protection software, engineered specifically for Salesforce. Sonar Pulse provides Security, IT and Operations teams with DLP solution they need to optimize Salesforce security and ensure the integrity of their connected SaaS applications.