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Maximize Efficiency with Sonar’s Revenue Operations Software

How good is your team at executing Salesforce-related projects without encountering delays or having to do rework?

If you’re among those grappling with backlogs and frustration over excessive troubleshooting, it’s time to experience Sonar’s suite of RevOps tools. We provide revenue operations teams with an essential toolkit, boosting confidence and efficiency for seamless Salesforce change management.

Salesforce Change Management Software - How to be OpS efficient

Accelerate Project Velocity with Sonar’s
Revenue Operations Platform

Sonar’s Salesforce Blueprint gives you the RevOps software you need to magnify the impact of change and reduce risk so your team can worry less and deliver high-growth projects faster. Give your team the RevOps tools needed to quickly and confidently execute change.

View Salesforce Dependencies And Fields
  • Attain comprehensive visibility into your entire Salesforce architecture with Sonar’s revenue operations platform. Our solution offers transparency into the interconnectivity and automations that drive your GTM motions. Experience a user-friendly interface that visualizes your complete Salesforce metadata, emphasizing references to fields, flows, reports, and beyond.
  • Safeguard your business from unforeseen disruptions that can result in business downtime. Our revenue operations tools shed light on the frequently neglected aspects of your Salesforce org, empowering your RevOps team to proactively identify potential issues. 
  • Ramp new employees faster. Business doesn’t slow down when churn inevitably occurs. Optimize the onboarding for new hires with the right RevOps tools. 

A Complete History of Every Salesforce Change

Eradicate surprises with complete visibility into every change being made in your Salesforce Org. Sonar’s revenue operations platform amplifies your audit trail, automating notifications for changes such as field updates and minimizing resolution times for bug fixes. Stay in control, stay informed, and eliminate the element of surprise with Sonar’s enhanced visibility and automated change notifications.

  • Streamline resolution time effortlessly with Sonar’s revenue operations software. Our change timelines unveil the initial state for every edit, simplifying the troubleshooting process and guaranteeing swift resolution of unexpected issues as they inevitably arise. 
  • Streamline Change Documentation with Sonar’s dynamic data dictionary. Our system automatically records each change within your Salesforce org, offering real-time documentation for additions, deletions, or modifications of objects, fields, and flows. Experience efficient and accurate change tracking with Sonar’s advanced tools.
  • Enhance communication and foster seamless collaboration using Sonar’s revenue operations platform. Receive daily notifications through email and Slack, ensuring consistent updates. Empower your RevOps team to allocate less time to communication and focus more on implementing improvements that fuel revenue growth. 
Reduce Salesforce Risk With Sonar Change Timelines

So Key for Any Operations Team!
"Sonar helps to organize, document and prepare for minor or major changes. It also helps to understand where to troubleshoot first."

RevOps Manager, Calendly

Where Have You Been All My Life!
"Sonar literally saves me and my team hours of having to pour through SFDC Instances to find validation and syntax errors. It also gives me a snapshot over time on how well we're doing in the instance and allows us to easily show the effect we're having within an org."

VP Sales & Revenue, Carabiner Group

A Crystal Ball for Your Salesforce Org.
"In my 15 years as a Salesforce administrator, I've never had org documentation that provides the insight and clarity that Sonar provides."

Director of Sales & RevOps, LeagueApps

Sonar Gives Us Amazing Insight Into Our SF Instance.
"Field references and tagging helps us develop solutions more quickly, minimize impacts to the business when making changes, and troubleshoot issues far more Quickly."

RevOps Manager, BombBomb

Revenue Operations Software that Keeps Your Teams Organized

Orchestrating scope and Salesforce change management projects across an entire team is hard work. Sonar’s Initiatives delivers the tools they need to keep organized, increase efficiency and deliver projects with precision.

Salesforce Project Management & Collaboration Software
  • Sonar’s revenue operations software is your  scoping scratchpad for investigating new projects. In just a few clicks, easily create and manage your to-do list, adding one or many items for investigation now (or in the future!)
  • Optimize collaboration within your revenue operations team. Enhance the efficiency of scoping projects by effortlessly creating tasks, assigning actions, and providing status visibility to all stakeholders involved. Streamline your teamwork for greater project success.
  • Efficient project completion hinges on organization. Sonar’s RevOps tools empower you to effortlessly manage your team, effectively handle deadlines, and stay firmly within the project scope. Elevate your project management with Sonar’s streamlined revenue operations platform.

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See how Sonar’s revenue operations software empowers your team to get more done.