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We just raised a $12M Series A round, and we’re using it to give unparalleled visibility to every ops team.

We’re excited to announce our $12M Series A, led by Craft Ventures, with participation from Slack, Valor EP, and Parade VC, along with several angel investors including Kyle Porter (co-founder and CEO of SalesLoft). (You can read the full story on VentureBeat.)

First and foremost, this funding will allow us to continue to give back to the operations community. We’re continuing our commitment to building technology to accelerate their impact, but more than that, we’re focused on championing the critical role that operations teams play in successful, fast-growing companies.

We believe ops is the future.

Investing millions of dollars in technology to support go-to-market teams is now table stakes; growth companies are constantly evolving their processes to optimize across the buyer journey. This race toward greater efficiency and data integrity creates a tangled web of technical complexities.

Operations teams are the secret weapons for top-performing companies, creating the processes that allow their teams to grow fast and accelerate revenue. It’s our mission to help them simplify their work so they can enable the change that helps their companies succeed.

What we’ll do with this funding.

Define the gold standard in Change Intelligence.

Change Intelligence platforms guide the art of how to design, implement, and iterate the processes that accelerate revenue. They allow ops teams to confidently build smart solutions that make the best use of their technology stack.

This funding will help us to address growing demand and drive market awareness for Change Intelligence solutions. That means more resources, thought leadership, and collateral to advocate for operations teams and resources to support them.

We’re only successful when operations leaders succeed, and it’s our goal to help them continue to earn seats at the leadership table.

Reimagine how smart, agile operations teams work.

Innovation is a constant process involving research, creativity, refinement, and execution. In simpler terms, it takes incredible product and engineering teams.

We’re committed to staying a step ahead of what top ops leaders need (so they can get ahead of their work, too). That means putting resources to work to design and build best-in-class solutions to support your most important work.

Support your team (by growing ours).

We’re building a brand new type of technology, so it’s important that we’re fully equipped to help educate, attract, and support top teams. That’s why we’re hiring across every department at Sonar.

This means strengthening our sales and marketing teams, staffing up to scale our great customer experience, investing in product development, and more. We’re excited to continue to invest resources in the Atlanta technology community and bring more jobs to our city (and beyond).

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, we’re always looking for great people. Check out our open roles and apply today!