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Sonar’s spring release of Initiatives transforms how you execute process changes, allowing users to effortlessly create context-rich documentation and collaborate to drive change.

You likely remember being told to “show your work on every test you completed in school. When you don’t write out your thought process, it’s so easy to miss the small things.

Moving fast makes it hard to justify the extra time spent planning and documenting your work, but as ops pros know all too well, it’s often the hidden details that come back to bite you.

Tackling process changes in Salesforce without breaking things means researching dependencies and documentation, scoping changes, and getting organized, before finally going in and working through your mental to-do list.

If you’re lucky, you covered all your bases and didn’t break anything. You *might* even have some time and energy left for a little documentation. If you’re unlucky, well, there goes your Tuesday.

Our spring release changes that. Sonar already took your research and scoping (and re-scoping) from time-consuming to incredibly easy. Now, we tackle all of the manual tasks that weighed you down and automate complete contextual documentation so you focus on doing your best strategic work, fast.

Enter: Initiatives

Initiatives allow you to visualize process changes, organize scope, and add context-rich documentation to every field, object, and automation.

Not only do they help you execute process changes fast without having to continuously double-check your work, but you effortlessly maintain a complete, shared understanding of your entire Salesforce org.



What can you do with Initiatives?

  • Easily gather and organize scope. Add fields and objects to an initiative so you can organize your thoughts and build a visual task list for every process change.
  • Visualize projects and their impacts. Visually reference your scope, communicate with teammates, and access related documents in a single pane of glass.
  • Collaborate to deliver successful changes. Work together in a context-rich environment so you have full awareness of projects, dependencies, and impacts.

Why Initiatives will make you love Sonar even more

This is a game-changer for ops teams because it allows them to explore, strategize, collaborate, and document everything related to any process change, big or small, effortlessly in a single platform.

Initiatives allow you to create “projects, but this isn’t a project management tool. It’s an active workspace built to support your everyday change management.

Sonar aids continuous process improvement by allowing you to visually gather and organize your scope, collaborate on changes, and document why fields or objects exist in their current state. Initiatives help you execute today’s process changes quickly and leave a meaningful trail of intelligence that will benefit every future initiative your team takes on.

Who are Initiatives for?

Short answer: everyone.

Initiatives help teams of one tackle all pre- and post-work from a single pane of glass. You can organize your thoughts, document why you built processes in a certain way, and streamline your work.

Part of a team of admins? Create clarity by managing their work from the same system they rely on for documentation and monitoring. Create initiatives for each task, gather and attach scope, add context, and add comments for your team so you keep everyone informed.

Managers and leaders gain total on-demand awareness of all ongoing changes and projects so they can provide direction and report on progress. Viewing the full context of ongoing and past changes helps them understand both the “how” and the “why”.

Want to transform your work?

Connect with our team for a live demo and see how Sonar can drive better, faster change across your entire org.