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Ah, Dreamforce. If you were at the big event last week you’re likely still recovering and playing catchup from a week’s worth of missed work. It is the go-to event every year for Salesforce users. In fact, 93% of attendees walk away learning something that helps them solve every-day business challenges.

And whether you were there in person or attended their live feeds, you’re likely already learning about all the enhancements Salesforce is now bringing to market. In this post, we’re recapping 5 of the biggest takeaways, and highlighting how these are benefiting Ops leaders on the front lines.

Top 5 Dreamforce Updates

From game-changing enhancements in artificial intelligence to revolutionary shifts in customer engagement strategies, Dreamforce 2023 had something for everyone.

Let’s explore these updates one by one, starting with the most noteworthy advancements that are set to make a lasting impact on businesses worldwide.

1. Salesforce announces the Einstein1 Platform

One of the biggest announcements at Dreamforce 2023 hinged on the unveiling of Einstein 1, a way for Salesforce to meet organizations where they want and need their AI to be in this evolving time. The release of this tool offers huge advantages to the way Ops pros work, including:

  • Addressing the disconnection problem: With 71% of company applications disconnected, you frequently grapple with the task of manually closing these gaps. This often leads you to face inefficiencies, errors, and lowered productivity. But Einstein 1, with its AI-driven core, promises to bridge this gap for you, smoothing out your operations.
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency: Imagine all your company data linked seamlessly. With Einstein 1, you’re that much closer to this dream becoming a reality. This means you can refine processes and cut out unnecessary steps. With data flowing smoothly across your business landscape, your decision-making becomes both quicker and sharper.
  • Data privacy and security: If you’re the one often shouldering the responsibility for data integrity and security, Einstein 1 can help. Taking a strong stance on data privacy and security, the platform aims to reduce data breach risks, and help you better align with data protection norms.
  • Combating data fragmentation: You know the hassle of fragmented customer data and the challenge it presents in gleaning insights and making sound decisions. Einstein 1 strives to declutter and centralize this data, giving you a more comprehensive and accurate glimpse of your customers.
  • Integration of advanced platforms: With the integration of the latest from Einstein AI and Copilot, you’re now in line to harness top-tier AI capabilities. This empowers you to automate various operational tasks, make predictions grounded in historical data, and craft data-guided decisions.
  • Tailored solutions: Your business has its own unique demands, and you face distinct operational challenges. Einstein 1’s capability to mold tailored prompts, skills, and AI models means you can tweak the platform to resonate with your business’s precise needs. No longer will you feel like you’re settling for a generic solution.
  • Future-proofing: As the business realm transforms and tech infrastructures turn intricate, you need tools that are agile and adaptive. Einstein 1, with its dedication to countering data fragmentation and melding advanced AI platforms, is crafted with an eye on the forthcoming terrain of business operations.

2. Convergence of generative AI assistants from Google Workspace and Salesforce 

During Dreamforce 2023, the news also broke that generative AI assistants from Google and Salesforce will now work in harmony. 

The collaboration of these software giants will work to enhance the workspace by creating interconnected AI capabilities spanning across Salesforce 360 and Google Workspace, elevating the overall performance of Docs, Gmail and Google Meet. 

It’s another big win for Ops for several key reasons:

  • Unified data flow: No longer will you have to juggle between Salesforce 360 and Google Workspace. This seamless integration ensures you can access customer data, project updates, and other crucial information in one go.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Over 9 million organizations use Google Workspace, making Docs, Gmail, and Google Meet an integral part of your workflow. With Salesforce’s capabilities now integrated into these tools, your collaborative efforts will be supercharged, with real-time data and insights right where you need them.
  • Streamlined operations: Your main goal is to guarantee smooth processes, and this convergence makes that even easier. Toggling between Salesforce and Google Workspace will be a breeze, leading to quicker decision-making and a smoother daily workflow.
  • Time and energy conservation: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks. This integration means you can focus on strategic work, ensuring your time and energy are spent on tasks that truly matter.
  • Data-driven insights: With Salesforce’s analytical tools now meshed with Google Workspace’s features, you’ll find deeper insights at your fingertips. Whether forecasting sales trends or identifying operational chokepoints, you’ll have richer data to work with.
  • Elimination of redundancies: You often face repetitive tasks. This integrated approach will help automate many of these, enhancing your processes and minimizing errors.
  • Future-ready workflows: This partnership is designed to evolve the way you approach your work. You’re now armed with a set of tools that will adapt with the times, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • Enhanced user experience: If you’re responsible for overseeing tools and platforms in your organization, this combined experience will simplify your training requirements and onboarding processes. Your teams will thank you for a smoother, more integrated experience.
  • Cost efficiency: With integrated operations, you’ll likely see cost savings from reduced software overheads, less manual data entry, and fewer errors needing your attention.

3. Einstein Copilot to supercharge Salesforce with AI

In addition to the two announcements above, Einstein Copilot has arrived.  

Einstein Copilot seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling the utilization of company data and even includes a built-in Studio platform. These tools enable businesses to design and personalize their own apps and services. 

This release offers Ops some major advancements, including:

  • Efficient task management: The tool simplifies various operations such as:
    • Drafting specific clauses
    • Updating account information automatically
    • Generating client communications
    • Setting up digital storefronts
    • Crafting product descriptions
  • Personalization options: The Studio platform provides the capability to adjust prompts, skills, and AI models to specific functions, ensuring tools are tailored to the unique operational needs of sales, service, marketing, or IT.
  • Consistent brand messaging: Using the Prompt Builder, it’s possible to align chat reply recommendations with the consistent and recognizable voice of your brand.
  • Control and adaptability: The Skills Builder feature allows users to expand the capabilities of the copilot by instructing it on new tasks and designating which workflows it should focus on.

Understanding and leveraging the features of Einstein Copilot can assist in refining and optimizing operational processes within your organization.

4. Free Data Cloud & Tableau licenses 

Other news that broke during this year’s conference was Salesforce unveiling a generous offer of complimentary licenses for Data Cloud and Tableau, available to all customers with Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited licenses. 

What’s in the package?

  • Two Tableau Creative licenses at no cost
  • Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles

For Ops pros, it’s another exciting announcement, offering benefits like:

  • Barrier-free exploration: No more hesitations or budget concerns. Dive into Data Cloud and explore its capabilities without any added costs.
  • Skill enhancement: Here’s an opportunity to expand your proficiency. By leveraging these free licenses, you can familiarize yourself with and master Tableau and Data Cloud, further enriching your operational skill set.
  • Optimized data handling: With access to Tableau and Data Cloud, enhance your data visualization, analytics, and management capabilities, streamlining your operations even further.

This offer opens up new doors for Ops pros keen on elevating their operational effectiveness and data mastery. 

5. Slack AI 

Slack’s ultimate goal is to simplify, enhance, and increase the productivity of people’s work lives. At Dreamforce, they announced Slack AI which will be a game changer in conversational intelligence.

At a glance, features include:

  • Native integration: The AI in Slack flawlessly merges with the platform, utilizing Slack’s extensive knowledge base to provide AI-powered insights right when you’re working.
  • Channel recaps: This tool provides a brief overview of what’s happened in a channel, allowing users to zero in on the most important details. Whether you’re compiling reports or identifying key feedback, Slack’s AI can help.
  • Thread summaries: With just a click, you can explore any conversation thread, ensuring you’re never out of the loop, no matter how lengthy or intricate the discussion.
  • Search answers: This robust feature uses dialogue history to supply AI-generated summaries when you have a question. Whether you’re trying to understand team dynamics or find an in-house expert, the answer is just a query away.
  • Slack lists: Work trackers that come in the form of projectment management, launch tracking and approval workflows. 
  • Automation tools: These will include enhanced workflow builders, custom app development and a centralized automation hub. 

This release will help Ops pros reshape the way you approach day-to-day operations with the ability for you and your teams to:

  • Stay informed: With Channel Recaps and Thread Summaries, never miss out on crucial details or updates.
  • Get quick answers: Searching for information? Slack AI delivers insights promptly, saving you valuable time.
  • Enhance project management: Slack Lists ensure your projects and launches are tracked and managed with precision.
  • Automate with ease: The new tools amplify your operational workflows, reducing manual tasks and elevating efficiency.

Conclusion: The Future of Salesforce is Bright  

It’s safe to say that Dreamforce 2023 brought to light a wealth of invaluable insights for Ops  professionals alike. The announcements showcased at this year’s event all point to more streamlined, customer-centric, and data-driven operations. 

In an ever-changing digital landscape, the tools and advancements highlighted at Dreamforce can help teams approach this evolving technology with confidence. From Slack AI to free Tableau and Data Cloud licenses available, gaining expertise in these fields is becoming more accessible than ever. 

In addition, the emergence of the Einstein 1 platform is a game-changer for organizations looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape by infusing AI intelligence into their operations. To complement these actionable Dreamforce 2023 takeaways to enhance your team’s efficiency and minimize data loss, try Sonar for free today