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Ops teams are typically small and nimble. But their reach extends across a company, serving as the driving force that helps each team achieve its goals. 

As a company scale, it tends to invest in teams that impact the bottom line, like sales, marketing, and CX. This focus can overlook ops teams for similar growth opportunities, leaving them disproportionally small compared to other departments’ sizes.

The ops growth conundrum 

A 2021 survey conducted by Sonar, Wizards of Ops, and Salesforce Ben found that mid to large-size companies tend to have disproportionately small operations support:

Company Size SFDC Admins Others with CRM Access
11-50 employees 3 4
51-200 employees 5 15
201-500 employees 7 30

The chart shows us that as companies scale, they’re opting to give Salesforce access to more go-to-market teams instead of growing the size of their admin or ops teams

The importance of having a strong ops team

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but growing your ops team is an invaluable investment for your company. Here are just a few of the ways a strong ops department can help you (and your company):

  • Avoid changes in your critical systems that cause negative downstream impacts across go-to-market teams
  • Tackle more high-priority projects instead of getting swamped with tactical requests
  • Ensure your systems and processes work together across teams, setting your company up for long-term success

How Change Intelligence can help you justify growing your ops team

Ready to make a case for growing your ops team to your leadership? Good news: a Change Intelligence platform, like Sonar, can help you build a case for how and when to grow your team.

Using Sonar, you can:

Showcase your current workload and identify projects that require assistance

Using Sonar’s Scope & Change Management, you can map out your project from start to finish.

Justify how much time upcoming projects will take, their complexity (and why they’re so complex), and the number of people needed to support them

Sonar’s Scope & Change Management helps you visualize each step of a project, understand how much time is required to tackle it, and communicate with team members – all in one place.

Give context for the state of your org, showing what technical debt looks like and what’s required to clean it up or maintain it

Sonar’s Blueprint shows you how your fields are being used, so you know which ones are outdated and need to be cleaned up.

Show dependencies across your processes and tech stack to determine what specializations are needed for new roles​​information silo

With Sonar’s Blueprint, you can use tags to see your dependencies.

Articulate your work’s revenue impact to prove the business value behind your request

Sonar’s Salesforce Change Timelines automatically documents every addition, subtraction, and change you make, so you can easily showcase your work and its impact across the business.

Take the next step 

Try Sonar for free today to find out how we can help you grow your ops team.