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Navigating change is so much easier when you can watch it happen and talk about it daily. That’s why we’re excited to bring your daily summary to your team right where you work, in Slack.

Effortlessly stay on top of Salesforce changes with a daily digest delivered to you, where you work.

Sonar’s newest integration gives you a daily snapshot of what changed across Salesforce and Pardot. You’ll gain perspective on how many changes happened and whether they were additions, removals, or modifications. It’s essentially a TL;DR version of your Sonar Timelines delivered automatically to your team.

Salesforce Alerts in Slack using the Sonar Change Management platform.

Adding Sonar Salesforce notifications to Slack means you can tackle questions quickly, so communicating changes is a breeze. Plus, automatic daily updates ensure new or deleted automations never catch anyone by surprise. Everyone is looped in without jumping through extra hoops.

Go right from Slack to Sonar to see exactly what changed in salesforce today. With just one click, you can now see the work happening across your team and explore individual changes.

Daily Salesforce overview and alerts sent using Slack.

Whether you’re working in Sonar daily or leading a team, Sonar for Slack is the easiest way to stay on top of work and keep everyone on the same page.
Salesforce Alerts in Slack using the Sonar Change Management platform.

“Now the entire systems team within Sales Ops gets a nightly notification when org changes happen or when potential issues are identified. It saves a lot of navigating around, while also allowing us to communicate what changed, right in Slack.”

– Dan G., Director of Sales and Revenue Operations


Why we love Sonar’s Salesforce Slack integration

Whether you’re making changes or managing a team, Sonar’s Slack integration is the easiest way to stay up to date on changes to your org.

  • Easily start a conversation or ask questions about what’s happening. Your Sonar Slack channel makes sure every stakeholder is automatically in the loop
  • Always be prepared to talk about your team’s progress. View a summary of the day’s work without having to log in or filter your Timeline
  • Quickly get the pull picture, when you need it. One click from Slack takes you directly to a detailed view of your team’s daily changes in Sonar

Ready to add Sonar to Slack?

The Salesforce Slack integration is free with your Sonar Professional or Enterprise subscription. Contact our support team ( to enable the integration in under 10 minutes.

Not a customer (yet)? Contact us for a demo and we’ll show you how Sonar can help your team easily make and communicate changes.